Offer to settle dispute rejected by Grant King.

On the back of some encouragement from some folk, who were concerned that Grant Kings business might well go to the wall on the basis of this dispute, I offered Grant King & NZ Sleepouts,¬† the opportunity to settle this issue out of Court, by giving them the opportunity to table an offer of settlement to me. The offer to settle has been summarily rejected by Grant King, who returned my olive branch by calling me a liar, and making some quite astonishing statements about what he believes to be my (apparent) intimate knowledge of the Building Act, the Building Code, and the Resource Management Act as it applied to the building of my Sleepout. According to King, my goal was to put one over the Council, on the basis of a $27,500 Sleepout (I didn’t have ANY knowledge of any of the aforementioned legislation at the time I gave Grant King the go-ahead to build the Sleepout, but I tell you what, as a result of this experience, I am rapidly learning the legislative “ropes”).

Now stay with me, because what King is saying is that for a “bet” of $27,500.00, I would risk the very credible business banking relationship I have with my bank (which would negatively affect my ability to run my business, which provides¬†100% of the income for our family ); negatively affect the LVR on a $400,000 house, risk my fathers health and wellbeing, and place my family at financial risk in the process.

Sorry Grant, but your argument is desperate, illogical, nonsensical, and without any shred of evidence – I see your plan now – lie through your teeth, and hope for the best. I wouldn’t recommend that you try that strategy in Court -you could end up perjuring yourself.

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