Grant King issues a Tresspass Notice today.

I have received my very -first-ever Tresspass Notice šŸ™‚

A very pleasant and civil Constable from the Helensville Police Station came to see me today, to advise that Grant King has formally tresspassed me from 46 K Garfield Rd, Helensville, and that I am to cease all telecommunications contact with Grant King.

To coin an equine term, it feels a little like Grant King having shut the gate after the horse has bolted – I have everything I need from my previous visit, so have no need to return to his property.

And I don’t need to contact him, because the nice policemans visit confirms for me that Grant King is reading the website – andĀ Grant KingĀ sounds very, very, upset.

To which my response is – good.

Now, give me my money back, you thieving shyster.

I also understand that Grant KingĀ has decided to engage the services of a Lawyer – my advice to his representing Counsel is simple, direct, and urgent: GET CASH UPFRONT FOR THE LEGAL FEES!

More posts to follow soon. I now have more leads on this guy than a dog-walking business.

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