GNK “Accountability Support Society” launched today.

With such a host of individuals and organisations now having contacted me about the longitudinal dodgy dealings of Grant Norman King (from here on in, GNK), I thought that it would be prudent for me to organise these contacts in a meaningful and consolidated way.

From today, a dedicated email distribution list will be created, and any website post updates will be forwarded to this group, which I have artfully named the “GNK Accountability Support Society”.

The only requirement to be a member of the GNKASS is an interest in GNK being held accountable for his actions (in whatever legal form this accountability may take – some very nice Police and media personnel are reading every single word I post on this website).

Collectively, you represent over 50 people and  / or organisations so far, and growing (not bad for one weeks work, huh?), and the common thread you share (be that in multiple contexts depending on your association with GNK) is in interest in justice not only being done, but in justice being seen to be done in the matters raised on this website.

You will receive your first email shortly – and of course, new members to the GNKASS are always welcome 🙂

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