The GNK “Float” story.

A “new friend” has alerted to me of a story regarding GNK and his time involved as the Treasurer and event manager of a prominent automotive organisation. The story goes that GNK once bought a car off the “new friend”, and used brand new $100.00 notes to do so.

However, when an apparent investigation was done on the amount of money paid to the new friend, and this amount was cross-referenced with a withdrawal that GNK had reportedly made from the organisations Treasury account, it turned out that GNK was using the organisations money to buy a car in a private capacity for himself.

When confronted with the evidence, GNK was reported to bleat “it was money for the organisations till float”.

Now, to anyone running a business who is reading this site – when was the last time you had to give change for a thousand?

GNK apparently took this organisation for over $100,000 while holding the role of Treasurer – and this amount is included in the current “GNK Tally” of $549,000 (and counting).

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