GNK and the “Forgotten Felines” rip-off.

Hi I am the foster co-ordinator for Forgotten Felines

We needed somewhere for our wild cats and kittens and after a lovely old lady donated us a large amount of money we decided to invest it in a building for such a purpose on my garden.

We saw his advert on Trade me and then went to his workshop and ordered a small cattery.

We paid him online the full amount and then the trouble began.

After coming out to measure up it was very difficult to get him to come and deliver it he kept making excuses i.e. his car had broken or his daughter who had leukaemia was ill and so I felt sorry for him and did not start to be worried or upset for a few months.

The first time after it was built that it rained the whole inside was wet as we discovered roof pieces were too short and the nail holes let water run inside.

It also was not level so doors were very difficult to open.

After a lot of calls and even having someone call him who knew someone in the newspaper world in order to get him to ‘get a move on”, he did come back but adjustments were not enough and at Christmas all the animals in residence had to be moved into my house as the leakage was just as bad and the animals would have become ill if left in such wet conditions.

The only reason I believe we even got it in the first place was because my husband is in the police and his patrol car was on the drive way when he visited to measure up.

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