GNK gives the fingers to the Ministry of Economic Development, and keeps trading, despite MED investigation into GNK for breach of bankruptcy conditions.

Letter to the MED 23/01/12

Ministry of Economic Development (MED)

RE: Grant King still trading

 Here is the link to “NZ Kennels”, one of the companies that Grant King trades under:

Despite the ongoing MED investigation, Grant King is still trading as NZ Kennels (this link is still live, and people can still buy kennels by pushing “Buy Now”, and the contact phone number is Grant Kings home phone number).

 I am puzzled as to how Grant King can be permitted to trade under the ‘NZ Kennels” brand, when he is the now very public subject of an MED investigation for breaching his bankruptcy conditions?

Please advise?


This is classic GNK behaviour – an absolute and fundamental self-belief that the rules of civil society, ethics, and the rule of law do not somehow apply to him.

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