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GNK and his false claims of illness.

We believe we now know that GNK has been stealing from the Ministry of Social Development, ACC, and the IRD, by falsely claiming for both benefits and illnesses, whilst working fulltime, failing to declare income, and whilst recieving child support. GNK has claimed to people that he has stolen money from that he has had at least four strokes and a heart attack; has claimed that his daughter has leukemia; and has claimed that his mother is desperately ill, all to make excuses for delays and non-completion of building work.

Aside from the fact that falsely claiming illnesses for money taken and work not completed, and / or for benefits received is a fraudulent act, it is also a despicable and insulting thing to claim for those people who do experience such major health events.

The only significant health problem that GNK might be able to lay legitimate claim to is a personality disorder – GNK displays almost all of the signs and symptoms of a Classical Sociopath – see here:

Memo to MSD, ACC and IRD: GNK ain’t sick – he’s just an “A” grade deceitful wanker, and he has taken you for fools – my only question to you all, as publically funded statutory organisations now is this – what are you going to do about it?

Who are Mark Saber and Brett Barry, and what is their association (if any) with GNK, NZ Sleepouts, and Swale Earthmovers?

Found this Trade Me ad today:

The build style and spec features of the Sleepout are almost identical to the one I was quoted for by Grant King, and the location of the Sleepout is at 111 Mill Rd, Helensville (Portable Saw Mills). I understand that this address has previously been used to store NZ Sleepout units. Mark Saber is the seller of the Sleepout, and says that he “builds about 4 of these a year”. Interestingly, Saber also said that his Sleepout would not need a permit – Mr Saber might want to have a read of this document from the Dept of Building and Housing, which specifies work that does NOT require a permit, and an 18m2 Sleepout is not on the list – even one on wheels.

I am not at this stage saying that there IS a connection between Saber, Barry, & GNK – I am just interested in finding out if anyone might be aware IF there is a connection.


Independent source confirms that GNK took other Sleepouts deposits, and then claimed that he had a heart attack as a reason for not completing the buildings.

However, this acclaimed “heart attack” did not stop GNK keeping the Sleepout deposits.

If anyone has any information on who the people were who paid Sleepout deposits to GNK and did not receive a Sleepout, please let me know?

Ph: (021) 2592506



GNK gives the fingers to the Ministry of Economic Development, and keeps trading, despite MED investigation into GNK for breach of bankruptcy conditions.

Letter to the MED 23/01/12

Ministry of Economic Development (MED)

RE: Grant King still trading

 Here is the link to “NZ Kennels”, one of the companies that Grant King trades under:

Despite the ongoing MED investigation, Grant King is still trading as NZ Kennels (this link is still live, and people can still buy kennels by pushing “Buy Now”, and the contact phone number is Grant Kings home phone number).

 I am puzzled as to how Grant King can be permitted to trade under the ‘NZ Kennels” brand, when he is the now very public subject of an MED investigation for breaching his bankruptcy conditions?

Please advise?


This is classic GNK behaviour – an absolute and fundamental self-belief that the rules of civil society, ethics, and the rule of law do not somehow apply to him.

GNK and the “Forgotten Felines” rip-off.

Hi I am the foster co-ordinator for Forgotten Felines

We needed somewhere for our wild cats and kittens and after a lovely old lady donated us a large amount of money we decided to invest it in a building for such a purpose on my garden.

We saw his advert on Trade me and then went to his workshop and ordered a small cattery.

We paid him online the full amount and then the trouble began.

After coming out to measure up it was very difficult to get him to come and deliver it he kept making excuses i.e. his car had broken or his daughter who had leukaemia was ill and so I felt sorry for him and did not start to be worried or upset for a few months.

The first time after it was built that it rained the whole inside was wet as we discovered roof pieces were too short and the nail holes let water run inside.

It also was not level so doors were very difficult to open.

After a lot of calls and even having someone call him who knew someone in the newspaper world in order to get him to ‘get a move on”, he did come back but adjustments were not enough and at Christmas all the animals in residence had to be moved into my house as the leakage was just as bad and the animals would have become ill if left in such wet conditions.

The only reason I believe we even got it in the first place was because my husband is in the police and his patrol car was on the drive way when he visited to measure up.