Does anyone have a photo of Karina Mihaka & Michael Edmonds?

If so, please email it to

Update 10/2/12:

Is this them?

According to the “Shark Patrol” Insolvency website, a Karina Miria Mihaka of 500 Kaipara Coast Highway, RD 1, Kaikapakapa, was declared bankrupt on 6/12/10, and Michael William Edmonds of 38 Pipiptiwai Drive, Helensville, was declared bankrupt on 1/7/10.

Any updates welcome.

Update 11/2/12: Yep, it’s them.

Update 12/2/12: Who is the guy with the digitally blanked-out face at 2.20 minutes in the above video (quad shot), and who are the women walking either side of him?

Update 13/2/12: Found him: and much more to come on this story.

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