What is the connection between Timatanga Horses, Karina Mihaka, Michael Edmonds, and GNK?

Timatanga Horses: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001256151252

And who was the person who Karina Mihaka reportedly recently assaulted?

And how do two currently bankrupt individuals maintain a multi-hundred thousand dollar a year lifestyle, without evidence of legitimate income?

And why is Michael Edmonds not declaring his locally reported “cash only” building jobs (including horse floats and sleepouts on site at 500 Kaipara Coast Highway, using stolen building materials supplied by GNK), to the Official Assignee, or the Inland Revenue Department?

And what is that green stuff growing at the rear of the property at 500 Kaipara Coast Highway, the residential address of the couple?

And what products were illegally traded via “Trade Me” under the user names “mookamook” and “quadman2”, both now removed from “Trade Me”?

And why has Karina Mihaka not declared to the Official Assignee the combined $58,000 she reportedly pocketed as a result of the recent sale of horses “Pull The Trigger” ($25k), “Te Tane Mahuta” ($13.5k), “Te Ahu Ahu” ($12k), and “Lord Bexley” ($8k), all apparently sourced from a Far North horse herd?

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3 thoughts on “What is the connection between Timatanga Horses, Karina Mihaka, Michael Edmonds, and GNK?

  1. Jonno Keen

    How much do you actually Know about these people? I see you know where they live and how they work but do you know why they are bankrupt or why they can only work cash only jobs, and did they know that they had bought stolen property and then went on to sell it without knowing it was?

    It seems like you’re an angry man looking for more people to blame and not caring what happens to those who were just as unaware are you were


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