Some random impertinent questions for Karina Mihaka, Michael Edmonds, and Grant Norman King to answer:

1/ Please explain what happened to over $40,000.00 worth of Joinery that was apparently sequestered from Pipitiwahi St, Helensville, the former residence of Mihaka and Edmonds, and how is it that this joinery was reportedly given to GNK to on-sell;

2/ Please explain the current lawsuit that has been filed against Karina Mihaka for the $6000.00 horse she has taken possession of, and is yet to pay for?

3/ Please explain how Karina Mihaka, as an undischarged bankrupt, currently has a $30,000.00 horse for sale?

4/ Please provide receipts for the materials that built the Mihaka / Edmonds Horsetruck – as my sources indicate that almost the entire rig has been built from stolen materials provided to Mihaka & Edmonds by GNK.

5/ Michael, as an undischarged bankrupt, would you care to explain the house you built for one of Karina’s relations in Waimauku , for which the entire job was paid for in cash? Oh, and where did you source the aluminium from?

6/ How many horsecovers have you each reportedly stolen from other people’s paddocks in the dead of night, to cover your own horses?

7/ How much interest are the MED, the Police, and the New Zealand Racing Board going to take in this post?

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