GNK now working as a burger cook at “China Red” in Helensville.

The GNKASS Network hits another home run.

GNK is now working as a short-order burger cook at “China Red”, a new Chinese Takeaway located at 78 Commercial Rd, Helensville, phone (0942) 09670.

Companies Office Listing:

It would appear that the actual owners speak limited English, which would suit GNK down to the ground (GNK fields the calls for the takeaway, it seems).

Which begs the question: how safe are their tills?

A letter to the owners is now called for, I think.

3 thoughts on “GNK now working as a burger cook at “China Red” in Helensville.

  1. Wayne

    Sounds like he is getting desperate….and he still cant do an honest days work. The question is who is he going to try and rip off next?

  2. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi Wayne,

    While GNK seems to be branching out into the “english as a second language” populations, if he is stupid enough to try it on again, it will most likely be someone local in the Rodney area. Helensville in particular will need to police itself really well against GNK: mind you, he has so many eyes on him at the moment that he is not even aware of that he almost can’t even walk down Commercial Rd before I will hear about it.

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