GNK NO LONGER working as a burger cook at “China Red” in Helensville.

My goodness, sometimes I even astound myself!

I have just had a very appreciative owner of the “China Red” Takeaway on the phone, thanking me for the information I posted to the owner of the business about GNK. The owner had absolutely no idea of GNK’s criminally fraudulent background, and had already been noticing that their cash tills had not been balancing at the end of the day.

They have now installed a security camera that records the front desk and the till, and have advised GNK that his services will no longer be required as a cook.

According to the owner, GNK offered to work for free for the business – yes, that would be because GNK wants ongoing access to the business tills, not because GNK is in any way a good Samaritan.

Thanks to the GNKASS Network for the tip – we got you again, dick-head.

2 thoughts on “GNK NO LONGER working as a burger cook at “China Red” in Helensville.

  1. Steve Taylor Post author

    A reader has asked me to post this reply anonymously:

    “I must make a short comment on here to make sure no person ever trusts this man again.. not only has grant done all of the below but ( & excuse me if its been mentioned) but he also ripped off waikaraka park speedway alot a few years back.. he was on the commitee & stole a heck of alot of money from the place..

    he is scum & doesnt belong on this earth, i for one certainly wouldnt piss on him if he was on fire”

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