Sunday Star Times Article 18/3/12.

Three guesses which blog the reporter is talking about  regarding the “failed building project”?:

Key quote in the article:

“For one Auckland blogger that’s exactly the point. He wants the world to know everything there is to know about a man who owes him money over a failed building project.

Google the man’s name and the first seven results lead you to the blog. In fact it’s named after him. Addresses, names, number plates, photos, past criminal convictions, names of criminals he’s involved with that have name suppression, current employers – it’s all there. The blogger, whom the Star-Times has decided not to name, said he could provide evidence for all of the claims he’s made, including ones involving Child Youth and Family. He said “truth and honest opinion are absolute defences” against defamation”.

I warned GNK that I would make him famous; I warned GNK that I would launch a media presence regarding his activities; I warned GNK that I would put him out of business; I warned GNK that I would hold him to account; I warned GNK that I would not stop this campaign until my family and I received appropriate justice.

GNK didn’t believe that I would do any of this, AND I HAVE DONE ALL OF IT.

GNK missed a critical aspect when they both chose to underestimate my motivation: I never bluff.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Star Times Article 18/3/12.

  1. Mike Mckee

    Good for you.
    As long as all the information is true then no one should or can complain.
    It would be lovely to see links to pages of each of the 60 people giving the date/time period so that people can see the offending over time.
    I hope others do the same as you.
    Well done.

  2. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your positive feedback. Yes, once this is all over, I will look to construct such a page. The challenge I have is that some victims of King are happy to share their information with the Statutory authorities, but not in the public arena, although I suppose could provide basic information without revealing the identity of the victims. Good thought.

  3. Eddie Kyle

    Just a note to let you know this article has now appeared on the Melbourne news site The Age as reprinted from SST, presumably this means it’ll also be accessable from the other state news sites run by Fairfax as well.


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