GNK’s Facebook Page: The fevered rantings of a pathetic and desperate man.

I have been experiencing a large dose of amusement via the receipt of a number of links being forwarded to me from GNK’s Facebook page.

Still supposedly lurching from the trauma effects of  a raft of failed businesses, to a spectrum of fraudulent scams (and back again) covering a 30 year time period, GNK is now telling the world that he has been travelling to China, and is about to launch a Chinese-based building project in NZ: he is even advertising for a $200k per annum “Project Manager”.

Oh please: The broken-arse can’t even hold down a job in a local Takeaway without robbing the till; can’t leave NZ without the consent of the MED; isn’t allowed to run or be operating within a business without the consent of the MED; is currently being investigated by the MED for illegally running not one but two businesses whilst an undischarged bankrupt; is STILL an undischarged bankrupt; doesn’t have consent to do any or all of the above; and answered the phone at his house on the same date that he was supposed to be “reporting in from Shanghai”.

 I ask you: is GNK’s life now so bereft of meaning and purpose, that he has to make up a virtual world in which he can feel significant, or has he just “jumped the cables” and is now a permanent occupant of a parallel, (yet non-existent) universe?

Grant, where you’re (hopefully) going, they don’t serve Roast Dog – but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be someone’s bitch anyway 🙂

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