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Why are there still some people afraid of GNK?

I have just loaded a reply comment from someone who was wary of using their own name in a post regarding GNK, and the request for anonymity from this person got me thinking.

I consider that it is a pity that some people are still wary of posting their own names regarding sharing their experience with GNK.

This of course gives GNK ongoing illegitimate power in their lives, sometimes long after the events involving GNK have taken place.

As has now been evidenced over the last 12 weeks, the most powerful actions that people can take with GNK is:

 a/ stand up to him;

b/ expose him;

c/ not be afraid of him.

People, GNK at his very core is a simpering coward who takes flight at the very sniff of a threat to him, which is why he most often hides behind a host of aliases on the internet.

He lives his life constantly looking over his shoulder, never opening the house drapes, and only truly feels safe behind a locked door. He even runs from cameras:)

Please stop giving this prick any more power in your lives – he is actually utterly powerless, broke, almost totally friendless, and all being well, will shortly be heading back to prison.

And even if GNK became powerful, rich, popular, and retained his liberty – this website, the media publicity, and a-now embedded internet presence is with GNK from now until he draws his last anxious, ragged breath on this planet.

GNK’s life is essentially over people – it’s just that GNK will most likely be the last one to realise this.

What we need to do is minimise the harm to other people while GNK goes through his “death roll”, and make sure that he doesn’t take anyone else with him as he spirals down towards an eternity of utter insignificance.

GNK NO LONGER working as a burger cook at “China Red” in Helensville.

My goodness, sometimes I even astound myself!

I have just had a very appreciative owner of the “China Red” Takeaway on the phone, thanking me for the information I posted to the owner of the business about GNK. The owner had absolutely no idea of GNK’s criminally fraudulent background, and had already been noticing that their cash tills had not been balancing at the end of the day.

They have now installed a security camera that records the front desk and the till, and have advised GNK that his services will no longer be required as a cook.

According to the owner, GNK offered to work for free for the business – yes, that would be because GNK wants ongoing access to the business tills, not because GNK is in any way a good Samaritan.

Thanks to the GNKASS Network for the tip – we got you again, dick-head.

GNK now working as a burger cook at “China Red” in Helensville.

The GNKASS Network hits another home run.

GNK is now working as a short-order burger cook at “China Red”, a new Chinese Takeaway located at 78 Commercial Rd, Helensville, phone (0942) 09670.

Companies Office Listing:

It would appear that the actual owners speak limited English, which would suit GNK down to the ground (GNK fields the calls for the takeaway, it seems).

Which begs the question: how safe are their tills?

A letter to the owners is now called for, I think.