Monthly Archives: April 2012

I’m picking that GNK won’t be so fortunate.

If GNK’s Facebook posts regarding trips to Fiji & China are real – then as an undischarged bankrupt boasting about lazing on beaches in Fiji and eating roast duck in Shanghai, GNK is screwed with the Official Assignee, as he has never secured consent to travel overseas, and can be prosecuted for travelling without consent, yet another conviction that attracts jail time.

If GNK’s Facebook posts regarding trips to Fiji & China are false – then he is screwed in the head, and living in la-la land. If this is the case, then he needs to be summarily committed under the Mental Health Act.

Either way – GNK is most certainly screwed.

An open invitation to GNK’s alter-ego “George Seeker”.

For the past few weeks, an online identity by the name of “George Seeker” (one of GNK’s many alter-egos), has been trolling the internet and Facebook, setting up attack sites, and posting on various forums, desperately trying to intimidate, distract, and scare me away from my main purpose – seeking redress for the wrongs visited upon me and my family.

“George Seeker” is now posing as a “roving investigative reporter” who is going to apparently break a number of stories about me, yet despite my ongoing encouragement for “George Seeker” to publish something (please, anything), he seems bereft of both material and sources.

This post is an invitation to “George Seeker” to publish his contact details (an address, a phone number, and a traceable email address) on this site, and to submit any and all material he believes he has to this site, and so confident am I that he actually has nothing on me (because there is nothing to be had), I guarantee to publish (unedited) whatever he cares to submit.

You want a readership and an audience, Mr Seeker? – then post to what is now one of the top 35 most-read blogs in New Zealand – this one.

We, the GNKASS Network, now await your response.

Mrs Beckett sums up GNK in just a few sentences.

I had a delightful conversation with a Mrs Beckett of Beckett Motors (Railside Ave, Henderson) recently.

Mrs Beckett, in her slightly raspy English accent (punctuated with much mirth and laughter), says that her family have known Grant for over 10 years, and that, while they actually quite like GNK:

 “Grant is a spider- he builds a web, and then  he catches people in it. He is very clever and charming, but he never seems to learn from his mistakes, which is why he can never get ahead in life. One thing we would never do is give Grant any money. He has so many ideas, but he always seems to panic when the pressure is on, and then he makes bad decisions, and then he loses everything, and gets himself into trouble. We like Grant, but we certainly don’t trust him, and anyone who does trust him would be foolish to do so”.

Sounds like Mrs Beckett has GNK sussed.