Looks like I got a “three for two” deal in my clean-out of GNK.

In my successful efforts to close down NZ Sleepouts and NZ Kennels, two businesses being illegally run by GNK, it seems that I have collected a third business along the way  -“Tiger Equine”, an equestrian business being run by Hayley Morgan, GNK’s young, young (very young) partner, and GNK.

Have a look at the website here and you will notice that there has been no activity, posts, or updates since January 5th, 2011.

Also note that the last remaining horses held by GNK (just two), are now for sale, and one has been for sale for some time.

I guess I should update my “companies I have put out of business who tried to rip me off” tally to 4?

No wonder GNK’s daughter was looking so aggrieved at me yesterday when I served GNK (Oh, did I not mention that they were together at the time? How remiss of me).

GNK’s daughter looked very presentable and professional, while GNK looked like a great big woolly and dishevelled “Santa” with a struggling goatee.

What struck me while I was observing them together was how GNK “ordered” his daughters movement, speech, and actions – from my perspective, I was watching a young woman firmly in the grip of an emotionally abusive man, a young woman who had absolutely no idea that she was being abused.

I have worked in Women’s Refuge environments before, and I have yet to see a better example of “grooming” than I saw yesterday – in my opinion, GNK’s daughter has been completely and utterly “captured” by her abuser.

And I would assume the same may be said for Hayley Morgan.

Hayley; Mr & Mrs Morgan: you are in the grip of a certified Sociopath: http://www.mcafee.cc/Bin/sb.html

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