GOTCHA! GNK pleads guilty to two charges of breaching his Bankruptcy conditions (good riddance “NZ Sleepouts” & “NZ Kennels”).

Source Notes:

Grant Norman King:

 CRI #: 2012-090-003-398

On 18th June 2012 Mr King appeared for First Call in the Waitakere DC for two charges under the Insolvency Act 2006 being Managing a business whilst Bankrupt.

Mr King was self-represented and did not wish to speak to a duty solicitor.

The Crown solicitor advised the Court that Mr King had intimated that guilty pleas would be entered and sentencing could occur the same day.

The Crown handed up sentencing submissions which was prepared and along with the summary of facts and Mr King`s criminal conviction history.

The two charges were read to Mr King, who pleaded guilty to those and accepted the summary of facts. The Registrar advised that sentencing could not proceed.

Mr King was remanded at large to 30 July 2012 at 10:00am for sentencing before a Judge at the Waitakere District Court.

I cannot sufficiently communicate to readers just how immensely satisfying it was to watch GNK waddle up to the front of the Court-room, stand in the dock-appointed space in front of the Judge, and meekly plead “guilty” to both charges as listed above.

After all of GNK’s bluster and bullshit about how wonderful he is as a self-represented litigant; about all the “actions” he is taking against whoever and whomever; about what he is publishing and when he is publishing it; about what he “knows” about others and how he will “expose” them;  in the end GNK simply folded his tail between his legs, and bent over.

During the plea process, I paused often to think of the dozens of people who have been reportedly ripped off by GNK, and who could not be there in the Court-room to watch this wretch of a man face the consequences of his actions.

And yes, if you are now putting two and two together, you will have realised that the “public forum” in which I served GNK his “Notice of Claim” papers was in fact Court-room 2 at the Waitakere District Court, the one place where he couldn’t run from, as I served him PRIOR to his requirement to appear before the Judge, and the one place he couldn’t claim that he hadn’t received the Court papers, as he was loudly and firmly served by me in front of 20-plus witnesses, including a Court-Taker, four Lawyers, a policeman, and the public gallery – no wonder he was so furious with the situation, and with me – the “sewer rat” was trapped, and thus couldn’t head for one of his ready-made bolt-holes.

So, if any of the GNKASS Network is free to join me on Monday 30th July 2012 at 10am at the Waitakere District Court, 9 Ratanui St, Henderson, Auckland to watch GNK’s sentencing in the public gallery – I’m buying 🙂


2 thoughts on “GOTCHA! GNK pleads guilty to two charges of breaching his Bankruptcy conditions (good riddance “NZ Sleepouts” & “NZ Kennels”).

  1. Spaceman

    “I’m buying”

    You sure…I can drink a lot and and open bar would more than balance the cost of the flight up.


  2. My Zero

    Glad to hear scumbag GNK, is forced into taking responsibility for his actions and has to face consequences, some filthy turd !!!!!!!!!


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