The process to make a formal “Notice of Claim” in the Disputes Tribunal, District Court, or High Court against GNK.

Thank you to those people who have phoned and emailed me to congratulate me on my success with facilitating GNK to be prosecuted.

To those people who have also made enquiries on what they now need to do to now file their own “Notice of Claim” against GNK.

If the amount of your “Notice of Claim” against GNK is up to $15,000, you can have your Claim & Claim form heard by the Disputes Tribunal.

If the amount of your “Notice of Claim” against GNK is above $15,000, and up to $200,000, the District Court Claim Forms are here, the District Court Rules (2009) claims process is here, and a full copy of the District Court Rules (2009) here.

If your “Notice of Claim” against GNK is above $200,000.00 (and yes, some of the GNKASS Network will fall into this category with GNK), then you will need to file your “Notice of Claim” in the High Court.

A summary of how Courts enforce Judgments is profiled here and  here.

To those parties who may believe that they may have run out of time to serve a Notice of Claim on GNK, this is no longer the case. Plaintiffs may now apply to the District Court to have their Claim considered for a time extension:

District Court Rules (2009):

Extending and shortening time:

  • 1.18.1 The court may, in its discretion, extend or shorten the time allowed by these rules, or fixed by any order, for doing any act or taking any proceeding or any step in a proceeding, on such terms (if any) as the court thinks fit in the interests of justice.

    1.18.2 The court may order an extension of time although the application for the extension is not made until after the expiration of the time allowed or fixed.

The current address for Court Process Servers to formally serve GNK is 46B Garfield Rd, Helensville, Auckland.

I would recommend that those people who now wish to follow in my footsteps and serve GNK formal Court papers do so discreetly. GNK has been (and is) making multiple unsuccessful attempts to smear me online (as is his modus operandi when cornered like a “sewer rat”) however he is trying to hit a “teflon” target.

So let me deal with GNK’s multiple-identity false online smears against me, and you guys get to work on your “Notice of Claim” documentation.

5 thoughts on “The process to make a formal “Notice of Claim” in the Disputes Tribunal, District Court, or High Court against GNK.

  1. samantha

    You need to leave grant and his family alone, you are making it hard for his daughter to go to school. I heard she tried to commit suicide because of you. leave them alone before a little girls death shows how much of a terrible councilor and human being you are. you are vile and pathetic.

  2. Steve Taylor Post author

    Samantha – quite how you expect me to believe you is stunning, considering I have dozens of contacts in the GNKASS Network who tell me that Grant’s daughter is doing just fine, thank you very much. Any hurt or harm that befalls anyone remotely connected to GNK will be 100% GNK’s doing. I am delighted that this website has been able to pentrate so deeply into the Helensville Community. Small communities have rapid grapevines, don’t they?

  3. Steve Taylor Post author

    Of course, you could simply be GNK in one of his multiple identities – tell you what, post up your residential address and home phone number, and I will cross check the validity of your identity, just to be sure?

  4. Steve Taylor Post author

    And then there is the fact that, if your “mate” had done right by me and my own family at the outset, he wouldn’t be in the continual and blazing glare of public accountability, now would he?

  5. Steve Taylor Post author

    Mind you Samantha, I did warn GNK of the natural consequences of his actions -he somehow seemed to believe that he was above consequence – oooopss!


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