GNK issues a direct threat to me on his Facebook page.

It would appear that the stress of being cornered like a “sewer rat” has made GNK lose his mind – he is now issuing direct threats to me on his (open) Facebook page.

Such is his apparent insanity and disregard for the welfare and wellbeing of anyone else, he has also posted pictures of his family alongside the threat.

It seems that I am going to have to exercise a greater degree of wisdom than GNK can currently summon, so I will not be linking to GNK’s Facebook page directly.

A copy of the threat however can be found here: GNK Facebook Threat

Now I guess he is going to have to explain himself to the Police – and I know just the Policeman to contact 🙂

Desperate, desperate stuff indeed.

Update: Oh dear, someone really IS upset, not to mention that this second response by GNK confirms the target of the first threat response – me: GNK Facebook Threat 1

Hey, at least now he is posting under his own name – now THAT must be a novel shift for GNK.

I have also secured hard copies of all the posts that were on GNK’s Facebook page, and that have now been removed (including the one of the boat) which I will now be forwarding on to some very interested parties.

GNK leaves an evidence trail that is easier to follow than Hansel & Gretel in the forest.

Hey GNK, the “tough guy” who hides behind anonymous online identities, and anonymous false postings on anonymous blogsites, who hides behind his children when confronted by the consequences of his actions, and who was too scared to leave the court room last week until I was long gone from the building: if you ever wish to meet me face to face and follow up on your Facebook threat – you just let me know – just leave your daughter at home this time, would you?

Here’s a promise for you: Against me , in any facet you may care to name, the evidence to date is now conclusive: I win.

Update 29/6/12: GNK’s threat post against me has now been removed from GNK’s Facebook page – it is unfortunate for GNK that I have the above hard copies as evidence all the same.

The “sook” has also let it slip that he refuses to publish any of my reply comments to his smear site. If this was an episode of Survivor, he wouldn’t even have stepped off the boat and onto the Island, while I would be walking away with the last torch and the cheque.


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