GNK uses his own daughter as a “human shield” at the Waitakere District Court.

Remember this post?

How about the comments section in this post?

And the recent GNK Facebook Threat made by GNK against me?

It turns out that just when I have thought that there is not a barrel-bottom low enough that GNK won’t scrape, he goes and outdoes himself yet again.

It would appear that GNK attended the Waitakere District Court in the company of his daughter, and then hid behind her in the Court room, while issuing furtive instructions to her to summon Security staff to (unsuccessfully) have me removed from the Court room.

GNK then assumed yet another false online identity in one of the above posts, and tried to get a link removed from the “Tiger equine” site that identified his daughter. So, while on the one hand playing the aggrieved defender of a young girl, he uses this same young girl in real life as a “human shield”.

Most fathers of daughters I know attend “show and tell” at school; maybe head off to sports practice or cheer squad with their girls: but not GNK – no, his idea of a “Daddy-daughter” day out is to haul his daughter along to the District Court to watch “Daddy” get prosecuted for fraudulent behaviour, and then hide behind her!

The “Facebook threat” now makes absolute sense – GNK has (again) been caught out as being as abjectly neglectful of his responsibilities as a father, as he has been in every other area of his life.

This is one of the truly rare occasions when further words fail me – suffice to say that, at the appropriate time, I will be posting up the above-named cross-checked evidence of the above encounter.

2 thoughts on “GNK uses his own daughter as a “human shield” at the Waitakere District Court.

  1. Noel Hawthorne

    Don’t feel to bad about him trying to have you evicted from a court hearing. He tried the same on me at another one of his trials, using his ex partner to do the dirty work. I think I may have mentioned to you on a couple of occasions that he has no morals.

  2. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi Noel: Ahhh, so it is pathological in nature – makes sense to me. I guess that one strong indicator of future behaviour is indeed past behaviour. I just feel so very sorry for the daughter. “Stockholme Syndrome” seems to be reigning supreme with her. GNK has no dignity, no self-respect, and no courage either. I think he is one of the few “shadows without a soul” I have met in my time – even some gang members I have worked with in the past have more legitimacy to walk the planet than than GNK does. As long as we keep GNK exposed to the sunlight of public exposure – his chances of hurting other people and ripping other people off are significantly minimised. Hope you and yours are enjoying the show – and make sure that those who wish to file historic Notice of Claims against King do so – the time limits can now be extended by application by Plaintiffs to the District Court, which means that a whole bunch of cases that GNK may have thought were dead and gone, may now be resurrected against him.


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