Hey “Fair Go”: come and have a chat with US!

“Fair Go” just ran this story about Robert Block of Kopu Cabins.

Replace the name “Robert Block” with Grant Norman King”, and replace the trading name “Kopu Cabins” with “NZ Sleepouts” and “NZ Kennels” and we have a ready-to-go story for “Fair Go’s”  next TV show:


Now, like GNK, rip-off merchant Robert Block may also be – but I have to give Block  some credit for fronting up to “Fair Go” – can anyone see King summoning their long-lost balls and doing the same?


3 thoughts on “Hey “Fair Go”: come and have a chat with US!

  1. robert block

    I stumbled on your website by accident.Well, I am the accused by fairgo and let me tell you that despite the fact that we have evidence to proove that some people on the show told lies or I should say that “they were told what to say by Pete (the reporter” the show will not admit it. The so called cabins that were never made I have photos and wittnesses that they were made and fairgo refused to look at the photos or take copys nor did they talk to any one of my witnesses.In fact the cabins are still there for those people but, the main criminal in this case which is shawn mason STM roofing has hidden them and refuses to give them to the people and our local police want lift a finger to help.Even though he (shawn mason) committed several criminal offences.I am happy for anyone to come and have a look including the people that crucified me but when invited refused.If anyone should be at the fairgo show it is shawn mason.He has the cabins. Robert Block


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