GNK fond of comedy at Parakai Springs, and building dog runs and kennels at 46B Garfield Rd?

The word is that GNK likes to frequent the regular comedy night at Parakai – often in the company of women old enough to be his daughters (not much older) sisters.

I hear that there is a show tomorrow – and I think that I and  a few of my new-found GNKASS Network friends might just take a drive up and say hello to the person who will actually be the biggest joke in the room on the night – GNK.

It also appears that GNK is running a  kennel-making business from the confines of 46B Garfield Rd, Helensville on the sly – naturally, I expect that neither the Ministry of Economic Development (who have JUST prosecuted GNK for running two businesses without the consent of the Official Assignee), nor the IRD will be aware of this activity – well, they are now 🙂

And we are all aware now that GNK is about as successful at building animal shelters as he is successful in every other area of his life – he’s not.

“Forgotten Felines” paid GNK $900.00 to build a cat shelter that leaked so badly, it couldn’t be used (see Herald On Sunday” article below – click on image to enlarge):

Forgotten Felines Herald Article Follow Up

Who is monitoring this guy’s dodgy activities? If the authorities can’t seem to do so on a regular basis, then it will have to be me, I guess.

GNK has also been caught out and confirmed as assuming the identity of a local teenager, and then posting to this site – which just goes to show (again) what an utter low-life creep GNK really is.

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