Please say “Hello” to my Internet Defamation Lawyer :)

Nothing like having a specialist in the arena with you:

Pricey? Yes.

Will I ultimately be paying the bill? No.

GNK is (again) going to get has backside well and truly kicked out of the park by this guy.

My computer forensics guy is still under wraps – he’s a bit publicity shy 🙂

Because you see, unlike King, I actually have a reputation to defend.

4 thoughts on “Please say “Hello” to my Internet Defamation Lawyer :)

  1. Peter Jenkins

    This will wipe him out more than anything else – defamation law here is incredibly powerful and wide ranging as well as being quite easy to initiate. He was exceptionally foolish and ill-advised to defame you (or anyone for that matter). What on earth gave him the idea that you wouldnt follow through, given that pursuing a defamation action is actually easier than many of the other things you have already followed through with to date. I wonder if he doesnt get some sort of sick masochistic pleasure from all the punishment he is getting?

  2. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi Peter. Thanks for your comments. I think the most enraging issue for King is that I have dragged his sorry arse out of the darkness and into the public blazing light of accountability. It has probably been such a rare experience for King to be accountable, that he doesn’t know what to do about it, especially when you consider that none of his various ‘party tricks” he has employed over the last 30 years have worked with me. So, he will simply keep re-processing the same old tired routine, and continue to get himself into strife as a result. Sociopath as mascohist? I had not considered this option before – thank you for suggesting it 🙂

  3. Eddie K

    Hope it works out for you, extracting money from someone who’s allegedly broke isn’t all that easy. Having seen what was written, and analysing it using my own methods, it should be an open and shut case.

  4. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi Eddie, Thanks for that. Yes it will be an open and shut case, and the Courts have all sorts of inventive and creative ways of extracting money (including costs) from people who owe money. The way King is going, he is going to be paying me off for various debts and judgments for the rest of his natural life. But if he keeps choosing to push me, then I will just push back even harder. 7 months down the track, and he STILL hasn’t learnt this lesson about me yet.


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