Scambusters: what a fantastic website.

I have just been browsing and came across this post and this one.

Have browse through the whole website, and see how many scams you can fins that GNK has been able to perpetuate over his 30-year plus criminal career.

I am not even half-way through the site, and I’m still counting………………….

2 thoughts on “Scambusters: what a fantastic website.

  1. Michelle

    All the best for Monday – wish I could go (But would have to take leave) even though I am not in a similar position in anyway. I just came accross your site back in Dec or Jan whilst researching building materials – I have been following it ever since.


    1. Steve Taylor Post author

      Hi Michelle, Thanks for your support, I am sure a number of others appreciate it as well. The Court might have to put out some more seating on Monday 🙂


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