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Filing of Defamation action against GNK will follow GNK Waitakere Court sentencing on 30/7/12.

It seems that GNK is destined never to learn from the multiple matrix of mistakes that he euphemistically calls his “life”.

As a result of the “smear site” that GNK has set up about me, and as a result of me waiting patiently over the last few months, while GNK slowly loses his mind and posts more and more false stories to the site, I am delighted to report that I now have enough evidence to file an action of Defamation against GNK.

I have taken advice from WordPress (the hosting site), the Department of Internal Affairs, and the NZ Police, and with their combined assistance, and the procurement of a specialist Internet Defamation Lawyer, I am now ready to roll.

Prior to the current legal action I have taken against him, GNK waxed lyrical about how I was never going to follow through, and that I was bluffing.

A cluster of recent events to date which have been wholly detrimental to GNK should now hopefully convince GNK that I never bluff – I simply act, and when I do act, I am meticulous in my prior preparation, prior to any action being taken.

It would appear that I have become the proverbial hill upon which GNK wishes to metaphorically “die” on – so be it.

Pssst – GNK: You will be paying for the costs of this Court Case as well.

GNK continues to moan over finally experiencing some meaningful accountability.

GNK seems to be very, very angry with me.

He is accusing me of being cruel, vengeful, and bleats to his one-viewer website that I am trying to “destroy” him.

According to GNK, after me bringing his illegal businesses crashing to the ground, GNK can’t even hold down a job now because I won’t “permit” him to work.

Yes, it seems that GNK bears absolutely no responsibility for his current life predicament – according to him, the reason for his awful life now it isn’t because of his 30 plus years of hurting other people, ripping them off, abandoning his various families, sexually assaulting children, fraud, mis-representation, theft, embezzlement, sabotage, deceit, dividing families, bringing down the livelihoods of others, getting himself bankrupted 3 times, yada, yada, yada – no, the reason is apparently…………

The ability of Sociopaths to completely re-construct their reality is truly a site to behold, and yet one both worthy of scorn and pity in equal measure. The contrasting inability of these same Sociopaths to admit any and all wrong-doing means that they most often continue to defend their innocence, even when the evidence is against them to do so.

This is why GNK will continue to reap the consequences of his actions throughout what remains of his now pathetic and unenviable life – because he sees no actual wrong in his actions, and thus becomes thoroughly offended when he experiences the consequences of same.

Thankfully, consequences don’t negotiate with anyone – including Sociopaths- they just hit harder, is all.

And if GNK keeps wanting to be smacked around by consequences that he ultimately doesn’t believe he deserves, then I guess for the rest of us it’s “batter up”.

GNK now working at “Fays Place” Takeaway, 6 Garfield Rd, Helensville

A member of the GNKASS Network has just confirmed that GNK is now working at “Fays Place” Takeaways at 6 Garfield Rd, Helensville.

Clearly, the owners of “Fays Place” Takeaways haven’t had a conversation with “China Red” Takeaways in Commercial Rd, Helensville, who very quickly got rid of GNK once they learnt who he was, and what he was up to.

“Fays Place” better keep a very close eye on their tills and their cheque books as a result.

Reading this post should certainly assist them to do both, and show GNK the door out of “Fays Place”.

The Minister of Justice has spoken: if you have the evidence, raise a case against GNK.

The Minister of Justice, Judith Collins, has now thoroughly appraised her Office of the historical and alleged fraudulent actions and behaviours of GNK, and has sent me the following response:

Ministry of Justice Letter Response – Judith Collins

The theme of the letter is very clear – if you have the evidence against GNK, then you have now been invited by a Minister of the Crown to plead your case.

Thankfully, in light of the District Court Rules (2009) changes, doing so is now much easier, quicker, and cheaper.

And don’t you just love the fact that the MOJ is now in the loop regarding GNK?

In NZ, attention on an individual doesn’t get any more “senior” than that.