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What is Woodhill Sands Showjumping & Events Centre doing hosting a convicted Pedophile around young female riders?

Woodhill Sands is a Showjumping and Eventing Centre located in Helensville.

It hosts a range of equestrian events, and has been warned previously of the presence of GNK, a convicted sex offender with a penchant for taking photos of young female riders.

Woodhill Sands had given prior assurances that they would take any and all steps to ensure that the equestrian environment of their centre would not be compromised by the presence of GNK.

Yet what happens today? GNK, in the furtive, dark-sunglassed presence of Hayley Morgan, was spotted today swanning around the Woodhill Sands Showjumping & Eventing Centre.

I would expect some parents of riders attending Woodhill Sands events are going to be asking some pretty hard questions of the Woodhill Sands officials as from today.

There is a reason our child abuse statistics in NZ are so high: it’s because organisations such as Woodhill Sands bury their head in the sand, cross their fingers, and hope for the best, even when furnished with real evidence of real risk – which of course is not in any way a protective factor for the young riders who attend the events.

Thank you to the GNKASS Network member who reported this sighting of GNK.

Update 2/7/12:

I have had an email this morning from Woodhill Sands, who have advised that they will be making contact with the Police regarding GNK attending Showjumping events at their Equestrian Centre – I suspect that the Police will advise Woodhill Sands to trespass GNK from their Centre, as Woodhill Sands are entitled to do as the venue owners and show facilitators. If anyone in the GNKASS Network spots GNK attending ANY other Equestrian events, please let me know, and I will make contact with the respective venues, and invite them to follow WoodHill Sands’ lead on this matter. I would thus expect that GNK will not be attending the next Woodhill Sands Event on 11/7/12.

GNK will eventually learn that I now have eyes everywhere on him.