Defendants Information Capsules received today from GNK.

And what bad, sad, and mad reading the documents truly make.

The only witnesses either GNK are calling for the upcoming Hearing will be himself.

I have 21 witnesses named in my Plaintiffs Information Capsule.

And evidence? GNK provides none to any of his claims (but does provide a story that is constantly ever-changing).

Once this issue exits sub-judice, I am going to publish the entire legal document trail from both Plaintiff & Defendant, so that readers can see for themselves just how deluded GNK is about having a snowball’s chance in the hot place of being able to raise a credible defence to my claim –  it is truly laugh-out-loud funny.

I didn’t think that the enjoyment I and other victims got out of seeing GNK in the dock being convicted, followed by the Herald on Sunday article documenting the same could be topped regarding this campaign – but it seems I have some new heights of joy to now reach as yet.

And the best bit? GNK is going to defend himself again –and we know how well that went last time.




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