Marine Industry Beware: Tern Marine, Tern Anchors, Chinese investors, the Hutchwilco Boat Show, and another example of Grant Norman King breaching his bankruptcy conditions.

It all started a few weeks back with an anonymous tip-off.

I was sent a link to a company called “Tern Anchor”.

Notice the company address.

Looks familiar?

You bet it is: it was the last known address of NZ Sleepouts, and NZ Kennels, the two companies Grant King ran as an undischarged bankrupt, and for which he was prosecuted and sentenced in 2012.

So, I did some digging.

Turns out that “Tern Anchor” is linked to “Tern Marine Co (NZ) Ltd”.

Note the two Company Directors – they are Chinese, located here.

The company office address for Tern Marine Co (NZ) Ltd is nominated here.

Now, have a look at these photos:

Tern Anchor Trade Show Stand, Hutchwilco Boat Show, May 2013.

Grant King, Director of Tern Anchor (with moustache and goatee to change his appearance), turning it on for Tern Anchor at the 2013 Hutchwilco Boat Show.

Grant Kings daughter, Sequoia King (left) on the stand at the 2013 Hutchwilco Boat Show.

Grant King is in the background.

The contact details for this new venture are listed as:

Distributor and Retailer enquiries can be made to

It’s the Trade Stand for “Tern Anchor” at the May 2013 Hutchwilco Boat Show, at which “Tern Anchor” is confirmed as an Exhibitor in the show, Stand 285.

Compare the livery of the above Trade Show Stand, with located at 103B Mill Rd, Helensville.

Ok, this is where the story gets really interesting.

Look at this forum post at Yachting & Boating World Forum.

The poster is Grant King, promoting the Tern Anchor range.

A couple of emails later, I was able to track down an attendee to the Hutchwilco Boatshow, who shall remain anonymous (as shall the identity of the original tipster).

The attendees report?

(Grant King)  was at the boat show with 3 Chinese men who
made his anchors.  

The same attendee was also a client of Grant King, and advised that he had bought a Tern Anchor off Grant King.

What does all this mean?

It means that, hot off the back of Ministry of Economic Development’s prosecution against Grant King for illegally operating not one, but two businesses, whilst an undischarged bankrupt in July 2012, King was back in (a third) illegal business as from 15/01/13, setting himself up as the NZ Distribution agent for Tern Anchors, using Chinese investors as the “fall guys” for his  illegal business actions.

All of the above evidence has been copied, saved, and sent to the relevant authorities, and of course, to an exclusive media contact.

So, once again, Grant King lines up the Statutory authorities, gives them the middle finger, and kicks them straight in the nuts.

One has to wonder how many times they will let themselves get mocked and kicked, before they nail Grant King for good?

The Marine Industry, and clients within the Marine Industry, appear to be Grant Kings next fraud victims. Bear in mind that it was Grant King that embezzled Rocna Anchors, and stole some of their product.

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