Another fraud victim of Grant Norman King comes forward, this time for $48,000.00

Grant King ripped me off to the tune of $48000.00 in 2010.

It was in this year that he filed for bankruptcy AFTER he had taken my thousands of dollars.  (it was after this that I learnt he was 3rd time bankrupt)  My lawyer and I were astounded.
I live in the Far North and found Grant King on Trade Me, because family circumstances saw me needing a dwelling to live in next door to my parents home.  I am a single Mum, so getting a loan/mortgage was a huge step for me, but one that was going to be highly rewarding – I was looking forward to it majorly.

Grant was trading as “Juicy Consultants”.

He asked me to give a large sum of money at the beginning ($23000.00 approx.) to buy the materials to do the build.

Then I had to pay the balance, a few weeks later.  As soon as I made the second payment, my heart sunk because something was telling me he was scamming me.  But it was too late by then.  I started to make demands on Grant (well within a purchasers right I might add) about the build, and he started to fob me off “big time”.
The cabins were to be built at 103b Mill Road, Helensville and then transported up to the North.  He and I had designed what I wanted – 2 portable cabins – one was 6m x 3m, the other 8.4m 8 x 3m.  The design saw them butted together to form a “L” shape.  He had a builder working for him, Mike Edmonds.  And he stated Mike was a registered builder, (liar).  The lies got worse each and every day after I had paid my money.  I never received ANYTHING for my money.
I am a Creditor and am registered with his Official Assignee – I had to do this once he became bankrupt (in the event he ever had finances to pay back his debts).   Once we saw the true picture of Grant, we knew I would never get any money back.
I was fed the same story from Grant (very similar to NZ Sleepouts).  “don’t need a permit, “they are nearly finished”, “we plan to transport them on…”, “just need some more information from you”, “I’ve had a heart attack” (or something to that effect)… etc etc etc.  He was unreal!!
I went to 103b Mill Rd, back in July 2010 and saw a shell of what was supposed to be my cabins – shoddy built, rough – it was scary.  That was the last thing I ever saw.  They were never built, well not for me anyway.

Basically I now have a mortgage with nothing to show for it.  He is a fraudster.  And he knew he could get away with it by going bankrupt.  The fact he has done more things and kept ripping people off since 2010 is appalling!
I hear he is due to come off Bankruptcy in November 2013.  And I have been asked if I want to make an application to the High Court for the “Objection to Discharge’.  I don’t really want to waste more money on this fool, but I may be keen to come to the hearing.
I just thought I would email you – its been a while since I thought too much of this absolute low life.  At the time, I was so embarrassed for trusting such a person.  He took the bread and butter off my families table.

I was only wanting a humble little cabin to call mine – and he shattered it for me.   He came up with so many excuses – I even went to  his house after the fact and saw that he had nothing.  His daughter was like a pit bull, she’s very brain washed, how sad.
So I’ve been burnt by him.  I applaud you for this website.  Well done.  Thank you so much.
You may contact me if you wish.

I still have all the paperwork at home of this horrid saga in my life.

I have put it behind me to an extent.  The lesson is a costly one but I learnt it.  I’m grateful for that.  It will NEVER happen to me again.  Got to find some good otherwise it will pull you down.


2 thoughts on “Another fraud victim of Grant Norman King comes forward, this time for $48,000.00

  1. Gavin

    Yes another very sad story.
    The writer alludes to the fact that when she visited his rental property he didn’t seem to have much – I presume material possessions, general state of the place etc.
    I have been following progress on this site since it first began and wonder with all the rip offs he has done what has happened to the money. Where has it gone, what was it spent on ? Gambling problem? women?, where has it all gone?
    Any ideas?

  2. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi Gavin, yes, this is the big question – statutory authorities much more powerful than me are also trying to find out the answer to this question – if they make any progress, I will advise readers accordingly.


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