Grant Norman King gets convicted for 6 charges of Benefit Fraud by the MSD, whilst the MBIE is (finally) opposing Grant Kings automatic discharge from bankruptcy in October 2013.

Grant Norman King fronting ‘Tern Anchor” at the Hutchwilco Boat Show, 2013

I did say a few days ago that the month of September 2013 was going to be a big month for Grant Norman King 🙂

Herald On Sunday 22/9/13:

On 20/9/13, at the Auckland District Court, Grant King was nailed by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) for 6 x charges of Benefit Fraud.

Grant King received yet another conviction, and 200 hours Community Service.

In addition, the MSD have ordered Grant King to pay back the money he has stolen from them, which is a superb outcome.

In the same week, the  Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (formerly the Ministry of Economic Development), confirmed in the media that they were conducting a SECOND investigation into Grant King illegally operating a business whilst a bankrupt (Tern Anchor), and have made the decision to formally OPPOSE Grant Kings automatic discharge from bankruptcy in October 2013.

Clearly, the MBIE has FINALLY realised just how out of control Grant King is, in terms of Grant King so openly and flagrantly breaking the conditions of his bankruptcy (as Grant King breaks every law of civil society, and has done so for the last 30-plus years), and have decided to ensure that Grant King should not be allowed to wreak any more commercial havoc upon the public.

What is significant about both of these outcomes is that they were achieved through the combined efforts of the GNKASS Network, (The Grant Norman King Accountability Support Society Network) and information posted on this site was the reference point for both the MSD and the MBIE to successfully prepare and carry out successful investigations into, and prosecutions against Grant King.

I note in the above Herald On Sunday article that the “Directors” of Tern Anchor are refusing to comment, or indeed even confirm Grant Kings claim that he is simply a “Contract Salesman” to the company, the manufacturing wing of Tern Anchor which was the former Rocna Anchor supplier (Rocna being the company that Grant King used to work for, embezzled, and was fired from).

Grant King has bought both loss of face and abject shame to his Chinese connections, and their culture of “Mianzi” dictates that they will now have nothing to do with him in the future – they will simply cut him off forever.

Chalk up yet ANOTHER victory to the GNKASS Network!





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