Evidential affidavits now recieved – and so much for Grant Kings “No fraud occurred”.

Grant King Offender Timeline 1982 – present-day

Grant King Media Articles Library Summary

Thank you to those who have submitted evidential affidavits and correspondence, in support of my Notice of Defence Hearing against Grant King on Wednesday 12th March, 10am, Auckland District Court, Albert St, Auckland.

Thank you also to those who will be appearing in person on the day of the Hearing.

Hearings of this nature are heard in closed Court.

As the Applicant in the proceeding, Grant King will present his case to the Judge in person.

As the Respondent in the proceeding, I will then present my Notice of Defence in person, and the evidential affidavits of what Grant King has claimed as non-existent fraud victims will have been read by the Judge by this time.

The Judge will make a decision on the day as to whether he  / she will hear from witnesses in support of the Notice of Defence, so please be ready to address the Judge if you are called to the witness stand.

You are allowed to have papers, notes, etc. with you in the stand. The Judge may permit cross-examination on the day – this will be up to the Judge, so be prepared to answer any question that Grant King may ask of you if the Judge gives the go ahead for cross-examination.

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