Grant King is now trying to gain access to this website – see the screenshot below.

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Grant King Offender Timeline 1982 – present-day

Grant King Media Articles Library Summary

Not content with the fact that his attempt to shut down this website so far has been an abject exercise in futility, Grant King has now gone “feral” and is now openly trying to gain the user name and password to this website, and he doesn’t seem to care who knows about it.

Tern Anchor, as we well know, is one of Grant Kings latest business “renditions”, and it would appear that the Tern Anchor website has now been shut down, or is at least password protected.

But here is where it gets interesting. If anyone who clicks on this website, while they can still read the website, they are asked for a user name and password.

The web hosts are now onto this, and I would like to thank the reader who alerted me to this blatant attempt by Grant King to shut this site down, absent of any due legal process (which he himself initiated against me).

Can anyone say:


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