“Victim fights back” Sunday Star Times article on Auckland District Court decision, King vs Taylor.



Sunday Star Times Article 25/5/14 (Click link below to read story)


The article is now being picked up all around the country by various Fairfax media publications:


Radio NZ has also picked up the story:


And we have just received notice from someone we haven’t met that these flyers are now doing the rounds of Helensville, Waimauku, and Rodney:

GNK Flyer 2014

And “Whaleoil” the double-award winning blog with NZ’s highest online readership, has just picked up the story as well:


And Kiwiblog, NZ’s second-most read blog, are both running the story, and have published the Judgment:


After such a comprehensive defeat as the one dished out to him, only an utter moron would openly threaten me in a public forum such as a mainstream media newspaper, as Grant King does in this article towards the end of the story- but then, we are talking about Grant King, so, you know……………………

Doesn’t Mr King “play the victim” well? Apparently, he has “moved on” – that’s just awesome – now, about the little matter of recompensing the 71 (known) fraud victims of the estimated $3 million dollars you have stolen from them Grant? Grant? Where’s the money, Grant? Where’s the money gone?

I guess Mr King should have settled, while he had the chance.

This is the full Judgment Decision:

King v Taylor Court Decision Harrassment Mini File

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4 thoughts on ““Victim fights back” Sunday Star Times article on Auckland District Court decision, King vs Taylor.

  1. Roger Palmer

    Well done on exposing such a reprehensible person. Your good works increase the chances of others being safe from this individual.
    Sadly in New Zealand we have a ‘legal system’ and not a ‘justice system’, so without efforts like yours these people are absolutely immune from any consequences.
    All the very best.

  2. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi Roger,

    Thanks for your kind words and support.

    Yes, I am hopeful that this story will inspire others to take their own stand on the injustices they may have had in their own lives.

    To win -simply never quit, until you do.

  3. Lloyd Shaw

    Very commendable work mate. …. especially in getting other Kiwis to actually front up and lay a complaint. Then get them to turn up to court. Seriously impressive.

    I have personally watched while in my industry fraudulent franchises were sold. Fake commercial equipment etc…. When it dawned on everyone. …. They all just sat down and had a cry.

    The perpetrators used bully tactics and intimidation to keep parties separate for as long as possible.. And seemed to only pick one demographic to rip off….. Recently divorced Woman. 35 – 50.

    I could not legally do anything. Because I had not been duped. The Commerce Commission was useless. All I could do was watch the perpetrators walk away with the cash. And yes it was in the millions .

    Kiwis are sometimes their own worse enemies. I mean sure I don’t want to live in a world of whingers and frivolous court cases. But cases like this give me hope their is a common sense way to deal with serial / calculating offenders .

    1. Steve Taylor Post author

      Hi Lloyd,

      Thanks for your support.

      I wonder if the legal system in NZ beats people down from time to time because it is so offender-centred?

      The fact is that is if there had been no publicity on King, he would have remained invisible to all and sundry, and the Ministries would not have chased him.

      I’m hopeful that this story helps in some small way to restore hope and courage in those who have been ripped off or defrauded.

      Sunlight is the best disinfectant – and it’s free 🙂


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