“No Cowboys” seem content to host a Cowboy, despite being warned.



Don’t get caught with a Cowboy! Check them out on NoCowboys first reads the tag line of “No Cowboys” Business fidelity website.

Yet when one attempts to warn “No Cowboys” about NZ’s now most infamous “fraud cowboy” in Grant King, they play all officious, doey-eyed and innocent.

See the exchange below, and then join me in shaking one’s head in abject disbelief at how casual some online Consumer sites actually are:

Dear No Cowboys,

Thanks for your email.

Are you out of your freaking mind?

I’ve just sent you copious amounts of information about the risk Grant King and his company poses to consumers, including confirming that I am a previous “customer” (read “fraud victim”) of Grant King, and you’re asking for a receipt?

Oh my goodness, the media are just going to just love this………….I can just see the headline: “No Cowboys hosts Cowboys, despite warning of Cowboys”.

Keep an eye on the papers.

Steve Taylor,




From: NoCowboys Ratings Team [mailto:ratings@nocowboys.co.nz]
Sent: Wednesday, 18 June 2014 11:14 a.m.
To: ’24-7 Ltd’
Subject: NoCowboys

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your email.

Are you a customer of Trident Cycles Ltd? If so please reply to this email with evidence like an invoice or tax receipt so we confirm this.

If you are not a customer of the business then you are not able to post feedback against the business. Only feedback from a customer of the business may post feedback relating to a job completed by the business.

It is important to understand that NoCowboys is a review website for feedback about “businesses” within the Trades & Services and not a review website for “consumers”.

We hope this clears up any confusion over what NoCowboys is all about and how the rating system works.


NoCowboys Ratings Team

TOLL FREE (0800) 662 692

FAX   (09) 302 2116

Don’t get caught with a Cowboy!

Check them out on NoCowboys first

From: 24-7 Ltd [mailto:24-7@maxnet.co.nz]
Sent: Saturday, 14 June 2014 5:08 a.m.
To: ratings@nocowboys.co.nz
Subject: RE: Automatic rating security system activated

Hi there,

This company, and the person running it, is a massive risk to NZ Consumers.

Grant King also runs Tern Anchor, which is also featured on your site.

I attach a copy of the Sunday Star Times article related to this rating.

Please go to www.grantnormanking.com for more information.

The Office of the Official Assignee have just completed a public examination of Grant King, and have applied to the High Court to make Grant King “indefinitely bankrupt” such is the risk Grant King poses to NZ Consumers:

Grant King is also facing further charges in Court for managing businesses whilst an undischarged bankrupt, an offence he has already been convicted of in his current term of his third bankruptcy.

The entire media library to date, and Grant Kings longitudinal criminal history, may be found at the next three links

Grant King – Convicted Sex Offender.

Grant King Offender Timeline 1982 – present-day

Grant King Media Articles Library Summary

I also attach a copy of the Court Judgment relating to our role as a Consumer Watchdog at www.grantnormanking.com

Trident Cycles and Tern Anchor “No Cowboys” ratings listed by me need to be seen by everyone.

Kind Regards,

Steve Taylor






From: The NoCowboys Support Team [mailto:ratings@nocowboys.co.nz]
Sent: Saturday, 14 June 2014 4:57 a.m.
To: 24-7@maxnet.co.nz
Subject: Automatic rating security system activated


Automatic rating security system activated


Here at NoCowboys.co.nz, we take the integrity of the customer rating system very seriously. It is essential that both businesses and customers have confidence in the ratings posted on the site. For that reason, our rating security system constantly monitors the email and IP addresses of all customers who leave ratings on NoCowboys.co.nz.In this instance, our system has detected that you have posted a rating for TRIDENT CYCLES NZ Ltd in circumstances where a previous rating for the same business has been posted by somebody at the same email or IP address.If you have used TRIDENT CYCLES NZ Ltd on more than one occasion, you made an error in rating them or there is another valid reason for this rating, just let us know by replying to this email with details of your job and we’ll publish your rating right away.

Your rating follows:
Rating ID: 56859
Contact: Grant King
Rating: 0%
Comment: “Buyer beware NZ: I am one of 71 victims of fraud committed by Grant King, the individual who is responsible for Trident Cycles in New Zealand. Our story, and the stories of the other 70 victims, may be viewed at www.grantnormanking.com Grant King has multiple convictions for illegal trading, fraud, and sexual offences against children. I recently won a landmark Court case to tell our stories online, and to warn other Consumers about Grant King and his various businesses, and a copy of this Judgment may be supplied to No Cowboys on request. Please email me at 24-7@maxnet.co.nz for a copy of this Court Judgment, and a copy of the media article that highlighted this case.”

Thanks for using NoCowboys.co.nz,
The NC Team.

www.nocowboys.co.nz – PO Box 37517, Parnell, Auckland 1151

6 thoughts on ““No Cowboys” seem content to host a Cowboy, despite being warned.

  1. Peter

    Well that removes all confidence I had in them! Was going to look for a plumber on there, wont bother now, whats the point if they are this lax

  2. Tim

    Every experience that I have had with business rated well on NoCowboys has been awful
    I suspect it is far too easy to get all your mates to post false reviews.

    1. andy

      I have had exactly the same experience! Ive a number of rentals and actually used 3 plumbers all with exceptionally high feedback ratings on nocowboys. Everyone was a dud! Not only that but one botch up on a new shower was almost going to cost an extra $2500 if i had listened to the incompetent plumber who installed it wrongly – who advised to fix it i needed to replace the Hot Water Cylinder, when there was nothing wrong with it.
      On another shower install a handyman again with high ratings on nocowboys cocked up the job so badly the tenant was unable to use the shower for 2 weeks due to him installing it wrongly. Nocowboys is absolutely hopeless everytime!

  3. Phillip

    Hi there

    any chance of calling you regarding nocowboys?

    they are promoting another business that is writing their own reviews and has been on fair go.

    they know about this but still do it

    my number is 027 6936 007



  4. Peter

    I had a look on nocowboys trying to find these companies – Trident Cycles and Tern Anchor. I checked all data I could find covering the last 10 years, (things never leave the internet) and apart from a “profile” of Trident Cycles, I couldn’t find no cowboys promoting them. In fact, the profile isn’t even visible currently, only time dated by google over a year ago. I use no cowboys, and a few other sites, all the time. I choose businesses that have heaps of ratings and avoid the ones that have no ratings or bad ratings. I feel for those conned by this idiot, but these consumer sites are to host information so we can make informed decisions. Looking at the email you received above, these are actually ways of ensuring ratings are falsified!!

    I hope this dude Grant is in jail


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