“Levi Ponyboy” Grant Norman King L.O.S.I.N.G I.T. big time.

My goodness what a day it has been today for “Levi Ponyboy” Grant Norman King:

Not content with:

1/ Being busted by Trade Me (for the fourth time) for illegal trading whilst a bankrupt;

2/ Being outed by witnesses to the illegal trading (who have the evidence) all of which affirms his “donkey-deep” role in Trident Cycles;

3/ Losing his job, income, vehicle (and who knows what else);

4/ Being exposed today as vigorously biting the hand that has been feeding him;

Mr King has now embarked on issuing direct threats against me in the public arena, via direct approach.

Apparently, according to “Ponyboy” I am to now “watch my back” – against what exactly, King didn’t say to me at the time.

King then hauled out his mobile phone, took a photo of me, and then rabidly declared that he was going to set up another website about me  – and in doing so, inadvertently admitted his ownership of a previous “anonymous poster” website (Ooops).

So basically, he simply lost the plot.

Now, I do understand and recognise that Mr King is under a significant amount of stress at the moment – but the consideration by Mr King that his stress is self-induced and a result of natural consequence for his own actions and behaviour seemed utterly lost on him.

Apparently, everyone else is to blame for his car-crash of a life, and he is a victim in all of this.

Parallel universe, anyone?

There is much, much more of this story yet to be published (via exclusive mainstream media) – but all in good time.

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One thought on ““Levi Ponyboy” Grant Norman King L.O.S.I.N.G I.T. big time.

  1. adam

    Hey. Mate trying to find info on the sex offender charge, heaps of stuff on the fraud but surprising little on that. Any active links or info would be good. Cheers


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