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After dropping over $300k into their Grant King-led businesses and achieving just $5838.00 in sales, the Chinese investors finally give it away: Goodbye Wei Li, Jun Ma, Stone Shu, Candy Tang, Pang Bei Investments, Tern Anchor, & Trident Cycles.

We have our next entry into the catalogue of businesses who have suffered “GNK Syndrome” when allowing their business interests to have anything to do with the now-jailed Grant Norman King.

I guess we know who now has the blue Crewman, judging by the photos below:

Tern Anchor & Trident Cycle Removal from 103 Mill Rd Helensville

Well done GNKASS Network: that is now 4 illegally managed businesses being run by Grant King that we have been able to meaningfully contribute to shutting down 🙂

Grant King – Convicted Sex Offender.

Grant King Offender Timeline 1982 – present-day

Grant King Media Articles Library Summary

Trident Cycles Facebook Page

Trident Cycles Trade Me Page

Grant King High Court Public Examination 2014

NZ Gazette Notice of Grant King Public Examination

No Cowboys Rating for Trident Cycles

No Cowboys Rating for Tern Marine Ltd

Mike Edmonds & Karina-Mihaka Edmonds (Grant Kings long-term stolen goods receivers) make the news, using stolen money and products to claim “self-sufficiency”.


(Click image to enlarge)

Sarah Harris from Stuff should dig a little deeper into these two, and she would discover that they are both:

  • Bankrupts
  • Thieves
  • Con artists
  • Tax cheats
  • Multiple current debtors (especially around “home renovation” projects).
  • Have a mutual history of domestic violence (especially Karina – very, very fond of her hands, is Ms Mihaka).

As a former client of the Mihakas has written:

Mike Edmonds claims to be a builder, but has minimal abilities in this field.

What he does have is the gift of the gab which makes him sound convincing.

Do not give him unsupervised access to you home – he and the “workers” he employs will help themselves to your property.

Don’t be fooled by by his stories, it’s just him trying to gain your confidence.

What building he does really doesn’t impress the Council Building Inspector.

He’s not beyond doing plumbing, gas fitting, and electrical work, all well below par and will need doing properly by registered/qualified trades people so it is compliant and covered by your insurance.

He likes to circumvent any regulatory authority and passes the so called “savings” onto you, when in reality he charges less because he’s not worth much more than the minimum wage, pockets 100%; pays no tax on this cash income and you’ve become complicit in something illegal.

Meanwhile he siphons off building materials from your job to others he has on the go.

His terms of endearment are not at all flattering, nor is his breath which suggests he’s full of sh**t, because that is what it smells of!

Karina Mihaka has the balls and bash in their relationship.

Apparently, she controls Mike on a shot leash that can lead to the odd black eye if he stands up to her.

She runs a 2bit company called Troubleshooting Builders which like the name, leads to trouble – sub contracted to Spencer Henshaw doing maintenance and repairs on Housing NZ homes.

How does a bankrupt do this? 

Better still how does a Company doing Goverment (tendered) contracts fail to do their homework on sub contractors?

They now have another company Off the Grid, their foray into self sufficiency and accompanying publicity is just a front to advance their business.

They may offer guarantees but the reality is will they be around in a year or two?

Doubt it.

My advice to anyone with the idea of dealing with these two Muppets on any level is to run, run, run because if you don’t it will cost you dearly in the long run, one way or another.


Editor update:

Sarah Harris from Fairfax Media, and Spencer Henshaw Builders have now been advised of the situation at hand – I trust they will take care of their Consumer populations appropriately, and not allow the Mihakas to create even more fraud victims.

Editor update 1/2/16:

It seems the Mihakas are a wee bit upset about this post (well, Karina is, and being the mouth AND the trousers in the relationship, she has, in true Karina Mihaka style, completely lost the plot – thanks to my “eyes in the sky” for bringing this to my attention, and please see the “Reply” section of this post for some truly vintage Mihaka prose):