Buyer Beware regarding Trident Cycles Landlord Caleb Jacksons “dump and run” sale at 103 Mill Rd, Helensville.


A person by the name of Emily Dickson has posted a “crazy, crazy, crazy” post on the Helensville Community Facebook page regarding a sale at the now defunct Trident Cycles at 103 Mill Rd, Helensville.

The biggest concern is that the Chinese owners of Trident (Pang Bei investments) are shutting up shop in NZ, so anyone who buys a Trident bike will be unable to claim on any supposed warranty, and they won’t be able to source any parts if their bike breaks down, as there won’t be any NZ agency to contact.

The sale is a classic “dump and run” exercise that businesses do when they are exiting a territory or country.

The Trident bikes also do not meet NZ manufacturing and safety standards – Pang Bei simply imports them and then loads them onto Trade Me – well, they did, until I was able to get their Trade Me shop shut down.

It’s buyer beware out there Helensville – buyer beware.

Update 6/2/16:

It appears that the bikes have been re-possessed by 103 Mill Rd Helensville owner and Landlord Caleb Jackson, and are being sold to recoup lost lease costs.

In 2013, I attempted to warn Mr Jackson about leasing space to Grant King – I was told by Mr Jackson to go away.

In the District Court trial in which Grant King was convicted, Mr Jackson stated under oath that when he took on Grant King and Trident Cycles as a tenant, he “didn’t care who the tenant was, as long as I was getting my money”.

It sounds like Mr Jackson didn’t “get his money” after all, and is now yet another victim of “GNK Syndrome”.

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