Grant King reportedly now in Waihi.

It seems it is now the Bay of Plenty to which Mr Grant King has turned his feral attention:

Map of Waihi

Word is that King has moved out of Helensville and into Waihi township.

Appropriate notifications are now being sent to various contacts within the area, including local media, and the Police.

What’s very interesting to me is the activities Mr King is now apparently engaged in, whilst on community detention via electronic monitoring.

Out of jail in September 2016, and soon to be back in trouble again just two months later.

Still using the email address, and the (022) 018-9290 mobile phone number too, I see.

Dumber than a sack of hammers.

More later.

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One thought on “Grant King reportedly now in Waihi.

  1. Sunshine

    The same result will be achieved every time – PRISON.

    Don’t change your behaviour Mr King. Go back to fucking PRISON, rot in hell.


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