Grant King confirmed to be living at 15B Tumoana St, Taumarunui (at least for now).

A number of local parents have now made contact with this website asking for further details of Grant Kings 2004 conviction for sex offences against a minor.

This website is unable to release the court documents without identifying the victim, however if parents wish to make contact with the victims family, please leave your details in the comments section of this post and we can pass your details onto the family for them to contact you.

As all post comments are moderated before being published, there is no risk of your details being published on this website, unless you give us consent to do so.

Please label your enquiry “Not for publication” in the email text box of your query.

15 Tumoana St, Taumarunui (source: Google maps).

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Jail Sentence Judgment Dec 2015

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