11 years on, and (consistently unsuccessful) attempts are still being made by Grant King (or someone) to shut down this website :)

A member of the GNKASS network has bought to my attention a recent Google notification that appears when someone searches the term “Grant King” in the Google Search engine:


The Google Search Notification

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What is fascinating about this revelation is the words “court order”.

Here is the Google summary of their (redacted) decision:

The Google Decision Summary

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There is indeed a Court order, but one that ratifies the legitimacy of this site, not its deletion.

It would appear that in 2020, someone advised Google that there was a Court order that deemed that a number of links relating to Grant Norman King should be taken down.

It is also apparent that Google did not remove key browser links to Grant Norman King, as the 1st page of the Google search result reveals.

The questions, therefore, are these:

1/ Why, after 9 years, would (someone) make an appeal to Google to remove browser links related to Grant Norman King, and why would Google then remove some of these links, in contravention of an actual New Zealand Court order that affirms these same links?

2/ What significant event was happening in or around 2020, that motivated (someone) to go to such great (yet ineffective) steps to hide Grant Norman King (aka George Good), from the public eye?

3/ Are the links that were removed linked to Grant King’s alter alias of “George Good”, and, if so, whose interests would have been served by the name “George Good” not being associated with Grant Norman King?

If anyone has any further information on this topic, I would be glad to hear from you 🙂


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