Monthly Archives: December 2011

Media interview completed.

Have just finished a media interview on this story.

The reporter is wanting to follow up the Council Compliance Officer who visited our site, and who is now most likely to be the process of investigating the other 40 sleepouts that Grant King has claimed to build “all without permits”.

If the Council ask Grant King for a list of names and addresses for these 40 clients, and they then discover that what has happened to me has happened to them – then this story is going to get very ugly indeed for Grant King & NZ Sleepouts.

If anyone has had dealings with Grant King & NZ Sleepouts, and wants to make contact with the reporter, please email me at

Google “Cache” doing its work nicely.

Before I was ripped off by Grant King & NZ Sleepouts I noted that Grant King & NZ Sleepouts were invisible on the web.

Not any more. Less than 1 week from launching this website, the search term for “Grant King” presents this story on page 3 of a Google search. The search term “NZ Sleepouts” presents this story on page 2 of a Google search.

Those familiar with search strings knows what happens next: the more a story is accessed by the reading public, the higher up the search list the story is placed. I’m picking less than 7 days before this story presents on the first page of each one of the above search strings.

Welcome to the internet, guys. now spreading the “Sleepout Buyers Beware” message.!&p=266293#post266293

According to one of the subscribers, a number of landlords often consider the building of a Sleepout on their investment properties as a way to increase their rental return on investment, hence the above post (and this website) is a timely warning for their forum.

Something tells me that this story is about to go viral.