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GNK “Multiple Personality Disorder” breaks out again on Facebook.

Honestly, I can almost set my clock to when GNK has an online tantrum, and manifests his various online personalities – it is within 12 hours of a new post going up on this website 🙂

Obviously stung by the truth of the last post about his phantom Chinese building business, GNK is now attempting another online attack on me (again, not successfully), under a host of alternative aliases.

What is laughable is that GNK, the guy that steals money off sick people, old people, vulnerable people, and nice people, the guy who abuses children, the guy who grooms young teenagers for future relationships, the guy that has reportedly ripped off over 60 people to the tune of $2.69 million over a 30 year period, and the  guy who has 6 criminal convictions to his name (just to name a few of his many “talents”) has the temerity to think that he can dent my credibility?

And the really good bit? We now have an excellent new photo for the Sensible Sentencing Trust website and the media (all 241 of my media contacts now have a copy of this photo):

Profile Picture

Yes, that’s right – the moron uploaded this photo to Facebook in one of his cyber-attacks!

GNK, your methods are predictable, consistent, tired, and old: time to hang up your keyboard, son.

Update 1/4/12 – A message from the Sensible Sentencing Trust:

Photo has now been added to his profile on the Sensible Sentencing Trust website. It is far clearer than anything we previously had to hand, if someone could thank Mr King for supplying such a clear image of himself that’d be nice. Not often that we get that :-)

Peter Jenkins
Webmaster for Sensible Sentencing Trust

GNK’s Facebook Page: The fevered rantings of a pathetic and desperate man.

I have been experiencing a large dose of amusement via the receipt of a number of links being forwarded to me from GNK’s Facebook page.

Still supposedly lurching from the trauma effects of  a raft of failed businesses, to a spectrum of fraudulent scams (and back again) covering a 30 year time period, GNK is now telling the world that he has been travelling to China, and is about to launch a Chinese-based building project in NZ: he is even advertising for a $200k per annum “Project Manager”.

Oh please: The broken-arse can’t even hold down a job in a local Takeaway without robbing the till; can’t leave NZ without the consent of the MED; isn’t allowed to run or be operating within a business without the consent of the MED; is currently being investigated by the MED for illegally running not one but two businesses whilst an undischarged bankrupt; is STILL an undischarged bankrupt; doesn’t have consent to do any or all of the above; and answered the phone at his house on the same date that he was supposed to be “reporting in from Shanghai”.

 I ask you: is GNK’s life now so bereft of meaning and purpose, that he has to make up a virtual world in which he can feel significant, or has he just “jumped the cables” and is now a permanent occupant of a parallel, (yet non-existent) universe?

Grant, where you’re (hopefully) going, they don’t serve Roast Dog – but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be someone’s bitch anyway 🙂 website goes international!

I have been tracking the viewer reading stats of this website for 3 months now, and was intrigued by a recent spike of readership numbers in Australia.

I have now found out why these numbers in Australia have been rapidly rising – The Melbourne Age has picked up the SST article and run it:

What is also interesting is to see how people who have read this article find this website -the two most popular Google search string terms are:

“Failed building project”

“Auckland Blogger”

The “Melbourne Age” newspaper is owned by Fairfax Media – a news organisation that has coverage links to other newspapers in every State of Australia, and around the world (which is why I suspect this site now has readers from as far away as Thailand).

So welcome to our readers from across the ditch and elsewhere – there is now one more (massive) market that GNK and his dodgy activities have been exposed to.

(I have also sent my Press Release response to the Melbourne Age, “outing” myself as the author of this website).


Press Release 18/3/12 (in response to SST article).

“Inability of Justice system to stop 30-year fraudster forced my hand” says Auckland Blogger

 Steve Taylor has been profiled in a Sunday Star Times article dated 18/3/12 as the Auckland Blogger who “outed” serial fraudster, con-man, and convicted sex offender Grant Norman King, for defrauding the Taylor family of $23,500.00.

The Taylors story is here:

The SST article is here:

The Grant Norman King website referred to in the SST article is here:

“In response to the SST article, I would like to state that the two primary reasons for my decision to go public on Grant King and his illegal business activities was to minimise the possibility of other people and businesses being defrauded, and because of the inability of the NZ Justice system to meaningfully hold Grant King to account for his 30 year criminal activity” says Mr Taylor.

In my own private investigation over the past 3 months, I have discovered almost 60 people (and counting) who have been defrauded by Grant King for an estimated $2.69 million dollars (and counting). The existence of the website has resulted in the following positive results:

“A number of the almost 60 victims have attempted to seek legal redress through the Justice system, and were essentially turned away, the Justice system deeming Grant Kings activities “civil, not criminal” matters. Facing prohibitive Court costs and an essentially unmotivated Justice system, the victims were left without further recourse, and the perpetrator was left to roam free, and was able to create more victims in the process”.

In just three months, one website, one media article, and a dedicated network of victims has been able to achieve more than the Justice system has in 30 years in terms of stopping Grant King in his tracks, and there is more to come” says Mr Taylor.

“If the NZ Justice system has such an issue with online campaigns against companies and individuals by offended parties, then it needs to fill the gigantic vacuum between the actions committed by perpetrators, and the justice required by victims hurt and harmed by these actions”.


Sunday Star Times Article 18/3/12.

Three guesses which blog the reporter is talking about  regarding the “failed building project”?:

Key quote in the article:

“For one Auckland blogger that’s exactly the point. He wants the world to know everything there is to know about a man who owes him money over a failed building project.

Google the man’s name and the first seven results lead you to the blog. In fact it’s named after him. Addresses, names, number plates, photos, past criminal convictions, names of criminals he’s involved with that have name suppression, current employers – it’s all there. The blogger, whom the Star-Times has decided not to name, said he could provide evidence for all of the claims he’s made, including ones involving Child Youth and Family. He said “truth and honest opinion are absolute defences” against defamation”.

I warned GNK that I would make him famous; I warned GNK that I would launch a media presence regarding his activities; I warned GNK that I would put him out of business; I warned GNK that I would hold him to account; I warned GNK that I would not stop this campaign until my family and I received appropriate justice.

GNK didn’t believe that I would do any of this, AND I HAVE DONE ALL OF IT.

GNK missed a critical aspect when they both chose to underestimate my motivation: I never bluff.