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Has Mr Grant Norman King moved to Taumarunui now?

Information from the GNKASS Network has just come in, which indicates Mr Grant “Gypsy pants” King has made yet another geographical move, this time (reportedly) to the town of Taumarunui:

Word also has it that King, a convicted paedophile, has moved into Tumoana Street, in Taumarunui – have a look at the location of the local primary and intermediate schools in relation to Tumoana St, which is highlighted in red below:

Map of Tumoana St, Taumarunui 3920

We will check this lead out a little further and update accordingly.

Update 24/2/17:

It seems that Grant “Gypsy pants” King is doing the rounds of the ever-decreasing circle of family members that will still speak to him, and that he may simply be visiting, as opposed to residing in Taumarunui.

A recently abandoned (by King) court case had King’s address on the court paperwork firmly ensconced in Whangamata, so we will assume for the meantime that he is still living with family there.

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