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He scuttles here, he scuttles there, Grant King scuttles everywhere……but there is just no escape.

If there is one thing that readers have learned about Grant King over the past 5 years, it is that anything or anyone that King comes into contact with, experiences damage of some sort – we were no exception to this rule.

This damage can be commercial, financial, personal, and in the case of Grant Kings repeated sexual grooming and assault upon minor females, both physical and psychological.

Recently, Grant “Levy Ponyboy” King scuttled away to Whangamata to serve out the rest of his 18 month jail sentence, and is now reportedly living with family.

No doubt thinking he was safe from the GNKASS Network, King then went about trying to once again create another victim of what we in the network have termed”GNK Syndrome”.

The trouble for King was – the GNKASS Network (which now includes members from the Bay of Plenty)  got wind of what King was up to, and stepped in to assist.

King was stopped before he even got traction on his latest attempt of extortion.

Delightfully, we now hold all the correspondence King used in his attempt to victimise another innocent party.

Again, in little words so that Mr King is able to maximise his understanding of his on-going predicament:

We have eyes everywhere:

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