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Settlement Advisory: David Swale & Swale Earthmovers 12/8/13

I am pleased to advise that at the conclusion of a Judicial Settlement Conference held at the Waitakere District Court today, a Deed of Settlement was signed between myself as the Plaintiff, and David Swale, and Swale Earthmovers, as the 2nd & 3rd Defendants to my Notice of Claim.

The details of this settlement were nominated as confidential to the signatories of the agreement.

This outcome formally ends my Notice of Claim against David Swale, and Swale Earthmovers, in accordance with, and subject to the mutually agreed terms of the agreement being met by all parties.

In recognition of the Deed of Settlement, all material relating to David Swale & Swale Earthmovers will be removed from this website.

An opportunity to table an Offer of Settlement was also made to Grant King as the 1st Defendant today.

Despite a number of attempts by the Judge to encourage Grant King to consider the facts of the case, and despite the Judge giving Grant King repeated opportunities to consider settling his component of the Notice of Claim, Grant King repeatedly refused to enter into any settlement process or negotiation, so my Notice of Claim against Grant King is still active.

This Advisory is made in accordance with the above Deed of Settlement, and is made in good faith.

I have reviewed the site, and believe that I have removed any and all references to David Swale & Swale Earthmovers – if there are any references that I may have missed, please advise at

Update 14/8/13: A Notice of Discontinuance against Grant Norman King as the 1st Defendant of my Notice of Claim has now been authorised and filed. Please see here for a fuller explanation of this decision, and my intended actions against Grant King, going forward.

Could Caleb Jackson Contracting Ltd be corporate fraud victim number 70 of Grant Norman King?

It seems that Grant King has been able to convince Caleb Jackson Contracting Ltd, the new owner of 103 Mill Rd, Helensville, to re-lease some space to Mr King at his old “run-a-business-whilst-a-bankrupt” stomping ground.

It would appear that Mr Jackson is unaware that the last landlord that rented Grant King space at 103 Mill Rd, Helensville was left the previous landlord with a $40,000.00 debt in unpaid lease rent – the landlord even had to lock King out.

If Mr Jackson is interested in having this fact verified, I can provide him with a copy of the Court affidavit which affirms this occurrence as read.

I have taken the time to advise Mr Jackson of the grave commercial risk he is taking – if other victims of Grant King want to give Mr Jackson a call to do likewise, please feel free to do so on (027) 252-5526 or email

 Update 23/7/13:

Caleb Jackson has made contact with me, and has expressed appreciation for my advisory to him about Grant King. Mr Jackson has also raised a concern about the nature of the accuracy of the Commercial arrangement he has with Grant King, and I have invited Mr Jackson to forward any amendments he may have. Mr Jackson has also advised that he is the sole Landlord of 103 Mill Rd, Helensville.

Mr Jackson says that he “doesn’t;t believe everything that he reads on the internet, and that he has no real cause for concern” about leasing space to Mr King.


Defendants Information Capsules received today from GNK.

And what bad, sad, and mad reading the documents truly make.

The only witnesses either GNK are calling for the upcoming Hearing will be himself.

I have 21 witnesses named in my Plaintiffs Information Capsule.

And evidence? GNK provides none to any of his claims (but does provide a story that is constantly ever-changing).

Once this issue exits sub-judice, I am going to publish the entire legal document trail from both Plaintiff & Defendant, so that readers can see for themselves just how deluded GNK is about having a snowball’s chance in the hot place of being able to raise a credible defence to my claim –  it is truly laugh-out-loud funny.

I didn’t think that the enjoyment I and other victims got out of seeing GNK in the dock being convicted, followed by the Herald on Sunday article documenting the same could be topped regarding this campaign – but it seems I have some new heights of joy to now reach as yet.

And the best bit? GNK is going to defend himself again –and we know how well that went last time.