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New Nation Party booted out from Freedoms NZ “Umbrella” Party.

Have a look at this (Click image to enlarge).

As political party billboards begin to adorn the country, one party is conspicuous by its absence.

About 8 weeks ago, The “Freedoms NZ” Party received an evidence bundle regarding the affiliation between Grant Norman King / George Good, and the New Nation Party (NNP).

Readers will recall that NNP had been nominated as a member of the “umbrella” party that Freedoms NZ had morphed into, in time for the 2023 election (click image to enlarge):

Astonishingly, it has been reported that King / Good, a serial fraudster, had been holding a role as Party Treasurer for the New Nation Party.

Well, it seems like Freedoms NZ Party Leaders Brian Tamaki and Sue Grey have recognized the inherent risk of having the New Nation Party anywhere near their brand, and have issued a great big DCM (Don’t Come Monday) to NNP.

NNP is now absent from the “Umbrella Parties & Affiliates” list above on the Freedoms NZ website and absent from the Freedoms NZ political party billboard.

12 years now since this website was launched, and the GNKASS Network is still holding Grant King and anyone who is foolish enough to associate with King, to public scrutiny and account.

The only fact that needs to be established now is just how much coin was tossed away in the New Nations Party’s affiliation with King / Good.

I’m picking that a new GNK expenditure waste record has been set, so we are likely looking high-six-figures.

I am also aware that a number of ex-NNP members read this site, so if anyone has these numbers, please let me know.