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Hayley Morgans “Trade Me” account now being used by GNK to sell his horses.

Honestly, you would have thought that GNK would have learnt his lesson about illegitimately using other people’s Trade Me accounts to sell his stuff: – apparently not.

Now we have GNK’s girlfriend, Hayley Morgan, pulling exactly the same stunt, trying to sell GNK’s horses on Trade me for him:

Here are the same horses being advertised for sale  on the “Sella” website:

here is the “Sella” site membership profile listing GNK’s home phone number in Helensville as the contact person:

and here is the link that confirms that GNK is running a THIRD illegal business, Tiger Equine (GNK getting Hayley Morgan to front the organisation, however, just like he has convinced Hayley to register herself as the owner of his vehicle):

I don’t know how much simpler I can make this for GNK, but he is not allowed to use other people’s Trade Me accounts to sell his stuff, just because he got banned from Trade Me last year – doing so breaches Trade Me’s terms and conditions, and utterly undermines the core “trust” philosophy of the Trade me organisation in the buying and selling of goods and services  – ESPECIALLY GNK’S GOODS AND SERVICES.

Any money that GNK “earns” needs to be declared to the Ministry of Economic Development as a part of his bankruptcy rules (rules which GNK has been, and is, summarily ignoring).

I now predict that Hayley Morgan is going to be the next victim of “GNK Syndrome”.

Update 31/1/12: The “Sella” ads for the horses have now disappeared; the “Tiger Equine” website owner profile has now had the gender changed from “male” to “female”, and the age of “56” has been removed; Trade Me is now reviewing the above account for a possible breach of their terms and conditions.

GNK tries to hide “NZ Kennels” business activity from the Ministry of Economic Development.

The updated “NZ Kennels” link:

Hey dick-head: if you are going to try and hide your illegal business activities from the public eye, try amending the webpage heading which is currently advertising the very business you are trying to hide, and try deleting the “About” page that describes the nature of the business you are trying to hide.

Oh, and consider also that I downloaded the original pages advertising your “wares” and contact details before you had an opportunity to remove them from the site.

Pressure beginning to tell, GNK?

Much, much more to come.

Steal from me, and expect to get away with it? Yeah, right.