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When in a corner, Grant Norman King plays the victim….read on.

This is a post that Grant King made via a “Camp King” supporter to the Helensville Community Facebook page, playing the victim throughout. My responses are in italics:

Grant King: I wanted to post this on the Grapevine page but have come home to find I am bumped off it again.

Yes, because now “Camp King” Facebook page Moderator Rachel Cunnliffe has received independent verification of my claims against you, from the victims of your fraud, and she can no longer stick her fingers in her ears and shout “I am not listening, I am not listening”.

I need to clear a few points up as I am the one being hammered here.

This will be interesting……

Firstly, I was given the flyer by Peter so that I could organise local support for items they needed at the centre.

A lie. King was never authorised to do any such thing by Peter Grace, or Leaf Trust.

I have been working at the center 1 day a week for the last few months building and making gardens along with others from our local community.

You’ve been doing Community Service, because you are a broken-arse fraudster who I helped to get convicted via the MED.

There has never been enough , or any , materials and after having supplied nails etc myself to get jobs completed I told Peter I would publish details on the local fb page for support.

Another lie. Peter Grace had no idea King was going to publish anything on any Facebook page – because King didn’t have permission to act in ANY capacity for the Leaf Trust.

He , and the people at the house, did not just want anyone turning up there randomly and so I removed the contact details of both Peter and Annis and asked for everyone to pm me for drop off and pick up details.

Another lie. King did not have any sort of conversation with Peter Grace or Leaf Trust about this – King acted illegally, and independently.

I would then put whoever contacted me in touch with Peter.

Another lie. Peter Grace had no agreement with King to do this.

It was not my place to publish their ph numbers in a public forum.

It was not your place to mis-represent yourself as an agent of the Trust – but that has never stopped you before.

Peter also gave me a handful of his trust business cards to hand to anyone who questioned about the trust so that they could contact him.

Another lie. Peter Grace refused a request by Grant King for a copy of the Trust Letterhead. He would hardly give Grant King business cards 🙂

I still have two cards in front of me.

No, you have some of the Trusts business cards that you have procured from around Helensville, and you are now claiming that Peter Grace gave them to you.

The trust is legitimate and not something either I or anyone else for that matter have fabricated in order to line our own pockets.

Yes, the Trust is legitimate – but you are not, and the fraud you attempted upon the Trust was not legitimate.

This whole situation has been exploded and magnified by the actions of someone who has set out for the last year to destroy me and my family in any way possible.

Hmmm, the current situation is real, not imagined, and you seem to be suffering memory loss in your old age Grant. Remember this?   I gave you the opportunity to do right by my family: I warned you what would happen if you chose not to do so; you dared me to follow through; I did. Any “destruction” you claim to have experienced has been as a result of your own actions – it’s called the “law of natural consequence”. I did tell you at the time that you were messing with the wrong guy – but you didn’t seem to be convinced at the time, and given your ongoing penchant for anonymous blog postings, you seem to remain unconvinced still. Your call, I guess.

There have been no materials or anything else collected by me at any time.

Prove it.

On the subject of my conviction, yes I was convicted on 2 counts of indecent assault on a 14 yr old in 2003 and served 6 months in prison. It is something that I have to live with for the rest of my life as do my children who have stuck by me continuously.

Only one child has “stuck by you” Grant – the rest of your children you summarily abandoned at various ages, as you did your three wives, in your lifelong and headlong pursuit of ever-younger female partners. You forgot to mention that you used your unwitting daughter as “bait” to get to her best friend at the time, whom you then kidnapped, and abused in a secret hotel location over a weekend.

In late 2010 I applied to the courts for sole custody of my own 14 yr old daughter and after 3 months of being investigated by CYFS, WINZ, 2 abuse counsellors,a lawyer for the child, the courts and the police , I was given SOLE custody of her. Note: this was with the support of the police.

Another lie. Your daughter ran away from her mother because you worked to alienate her away from her mother. At the Family Court Hearing, you failed to show up, and given that your daughter, by now sufficiently “groomed” by you, kept running away from her mothers back to your place, the mother consented to the Court granting you custody. The Police, CYF, WINZ, LFC, and abuse counsellors had no say in the matter at the time.

I have lived in this community without any problems for the last 4 years, my family and myself have been put through hell by this man and it appears that there is nothing I can do as he continues to just publish whatever he likes.

Cue crocodile tears: King was declared bankrupt (for the third time) in 2010, whilst living in Helensville, after ripping off a score of Helensville locals. What about the “hell” you have put over 60 people through over a 30 -plus year criminal history, totalling nearly $3 million dollars, Mr King? Any remorse for them? No, I didn’t think so. You expect mercy, and you bleat for forgiveness, yet you have sewn ruthless carnage into the lives of almost everyone who has had the utter misfortune to meet you, right up until the present day. As an undiagnosed classical Sociopath, you are incapable of rehabilitation, incapable of remorse, and incapable of empathy for the feelings of others.

And yes, there IS something you can do to stop drawing the attention of the GNKASS Network to yourself – stop committing crime, stop posting false information on the internet, and stop trying to rip people off all of the time – that way, I won’t have any more material to write about, and this website will then be redundant.

Thats my rant and I am over caring what anyone thinks about me any more as this crap continues through another attack on our local pages by this man. If anyone doesn’t like me then they don’t have to talk or associate with me, I wont bother them just as I have kept to myself here and been a good dad to my daughter in our home. I welcome anyone contacting me if they want anything further, you know where I am.

Cue stomping of feet and tantrum. Cue response by chronic, gullible rescuers who think that Grant King is a victim of the mean, nasty, Mr Taylor, not realising that they are utterly confusing who is the victim, and who is the perpetrator. The difference for King is – this victim is fighting back, and will continue to do so until justice is served to me and MY family. Don’t be fooled by Grant King talking up the “quiet life” – he is simply going to lay low for a while until he thinks everyone has “moved on”, and he will launch his next criminal attempt – which is fine, because the GNKASS Network will be waiting and watching, waiting and watching, waiting and watching…………………….

 If ever there was any more evidence needed of the parallel universe that Grant King inhabits in his own head – here it is.

Department of Corrections now investigating Grant Norman King and his fraud on the Leaf Trust.

What is a very concerning question about this whole issue that one reader asked today was this: what was a convicted child sex offender doing working at the Leaf Trust on Community Service, when the Trust had specifically requested the Department of Corrections to ensure that no criminals with sex offender histories be allowed anywhere near the Trust, or its clients?

Another question is this: why was Grant King allowed to converse with Trust clients, whilst under the supervision of Department of Corrections staff, to the point that he tried to get one of the vulnerable clients to secure a copy of some letterhead for him?

How robust is the background checks conducted by the Department of Corrections on the people they are managing in the community, and how stringent is their supervision practice when on site with Community Service criminals?

Grant King pulls a “con” on the Leaf Trust, and the Department of Corrections, whilst completing his Community Service hours.

Basically, right under the very nose of the Department of Corrections,  Grant was posing as a member / helper of the Leaf Trust on the Helensville Community Facebook page, has been collecting items ostensibly for the Trust, and then selling them / keeping them, and / or pocketing the cash.

Note on the flyer he sent out that there are no contact details for the Trust itself – just an instruction to message Grant King in the first instance.

King stole a copy of the brochure from the Leaf Trust whilst on site completing his Community Service hours,  “twinked” the contact details of the Manager off the brochure, inserted his own Facebook private message contact request, and then posted the amended brochure onto the Helensville Community Facebook page, pretending to have authorisation to collect goods and equipment for the Leaf Trust, when he in fact had no such authorisation to do so, thereby implicating 733 Helensville locals (members of the Facebook page) in a grand fraud.

Thankfully, with the help of the GNKASS Network, we were able to find out about the con, and mitigate the effect, whilst the affected parties concerned are now making formal Police complaints – King has now been formally tresspassed from the Leaf Trust.

This is a classic Grant King con – and he pulled it on the Ministry of Justice.

I have cc’d the Department of Corrections, the media, and Minister Judith Collins, into this post.

Maybe Helensville Community Facebook page Moderator Racheal Cunnliffe will now finally wake up to the menace that Grant King is to the local community?

The Leaf Trust is located at 496 South Heads Rd, Parakai, and the contact person for follow-up on this story is Peter Grace or phone (027) 5725884.

The landlord of the property is Maree Hemana who may be contacted at West Auckland Victim Support via the Victim Support National Office on (04) 474 8862.

The Department of Corrections contacts are David Grear and Carole Ramage at (09) 837-8700 or

Chalk up another victory for the GNKASS Network.