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GNK having some computer trouble?

Has anyone got a portable hard drive case or docking station that will fit a laptop hard drive that i can borrow for a couple of days to retrieve all the files from my crashed laptop before I have the operating system restored and loose everything on it?

GNK has “Facebooked” the above appeal.

Aside from the atrocious grammar and spelling, there is a special sort of “natural consequence” inherent in this situation, given that GNK spends so much of his time behind his keyboard, adopting various anonymous identities, while attempting to spread discord and disharmony across the internet.

Goodness me, even his own laptop has had enough of him, and has “left the building”.

GNK reverts his appearance to a “number 1” haircut and a small “goatee” beard.

Looks like GNK is desperately trying to alter his appearance from the “Herald On Sunday” article photo in August 2012.

A member of the GNKASS Network has spotted GNK sporting a “number 1″ haircut” and a small goatee beard, so he will now look more like this photo:

Grant King









You don’t get to get away that easily, Grant.

We have eyes everywhere – remember?

GNK now in the “Chicken Coop” business.

Grant King

Chicken house for sale it is 2450 long and 1050 deep and 1250 high shadowply exterior and clourstell roof $500 ono

This is an ad that Grant King has placed on a Helensville Facebook  page.

He has recently dropped the price to $400.00 (desperate times, huh?).

I cracked up when I read one of GNK’s comments on the post: “Still for sale and your chickens are getting cold and wet”.

Seriously, would anyone knowing GNK’s shoddy workmanship and building history go anywhere near something he has built?

GNK has obviously forgotten about “the “Forgotten Felines” cattery debacle. The poor moggies were wetter and colder AFTER they were housed in one of GNK’s faulty creations, not before!

It also seems that GNK is now obsessively stalking me on the Internet (get a job, you……oh, hang on, you’re now officially and publically unemployable as a result of all the media coverage, aren’t you?).

You keep bringing it Grant – I’ll keep re-introducing you to the mud-pile that has become your sorry excuse for a life.

As I have said to you before Grant – I have eyes everywhere. Now all you have to do is to work out which of the 1000-plus members to the above Facebook page dobbed you in to me.

You’re just not very popular out that way, are you?

Notification has been sent to the Ministry of Economic Development for their records – undischarged bankrupts aren’t supposed to be operating any type of business activity, including a cottage industry.